Samsung Display has announced plans to mass-produce 90Hz OLED displays designed for laptops, and says that “several global IT companies” are expected to release models with new panels this year. Manufacturing will begin in March “in very large quantities,” the company says at A. statement Attributed to CEO Choi Ju-sun.

The panels are 14 inches in size, although Samsung Display did not provide details on specifications such as aspect ratio or resolution; Multiple versions may be available. Samsung cites faster response time to its OLED screens, claiming “practically” the same amount of blurring as a 120Hz LCD when viewing fast-moving content. The statement did not mention any potential laptop partners.

OLED screens are unheard of in laptops, but they are not common at all. While very few gaming laptops offer it as an option, the trade off there is that you had to forgo the high refresh rates. Although, Samsung launches itself for a file Galaxy Chromebook is equipped with OLED technology last year , 2021 follow-up It uses cheaper QLED-branded LCD screen instead.

Samsung is the world’s largest seller of OLED displays, so today’s announcement indicates that OLED laptops will likely become more and more popular this year.

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