What do we know about the Galaxy S21?

Well, to start, we know it’s called the Galaxy S21 – for a while, many of us expected Samsung to make the jump to the S30, but that’s definitely not what’s happening this year.

As usual, the Galaxy S21 is Samsung’s smallest flagship phone, and it got a slight change this year. The changes are even more apparent when you look at the device from the back: the all-black camera bumpers that debuted on the S20 series last year have been replaced by more elegant cases that blend into the S21’s metallic frame. (The phone-geek community called it Phantom of the Opera Design, and who are we to argue with?) As a result, some of the S21’s new color options look cooler than others; The black and pink models have metallic frames that match their bodies, while the white and purple models have eye-catching silver and bronze edges, respectively.

Meanwhile, the same cameras look very close to the ones we got last year unlike the Ultra Galaxy S20s. Roland Quandt of WinFuture It is noted that the 12MP main rear sensor offers an f / 1.8 aperture and a 79-degree field of view, just like the previous time, and the 12MP front camera and the 10MP front camera look unchanged. The only difference that Quandt pointed out has to do with the S21’s 64MP telephoto camera: The sensor chosen by Samsung appears to be slightly smaller than last year, but the pixels that capture light are said to be the same size.

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The front of the S21 is as sparse as ever, but there are some interesting things to note about the 6.2-inch 120Hz Infinity-O display. For one, it uses an LTPS backplane – a long, short story – that allows for either lower power consumption or higher resolution. Curiously, his foot joint leaked Android It claims the Galaxy S21 screen It only works on Full HD +Which makes this year’s screen a bit less pixel-dense compared to the screens we got last year if these reports stop, it’s clear that Samsung wanted to squeeze out as much life as possible from the S21’s 4,000mAh battery.

Multiple reports also indicate that Samsung is finally here Give up on curved screens, And we’re honestly happy to see them go. If you accidentally launch an app or click on a link next to your hand while extending your thumb to reach something, that’s good news for you.

Samsung Galaxy S21
The Galaxy S21 will come in four colors, the best of which is Clear Pink.

Evan Blass / @ evleaks

In the past, we’ve seen occasionally that Samsung uses Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chipset in all versions of a particular smartphone, such as Galaxy Z Fold 2. Don’t expect it here, though: While an FCC leak confirms that the US version of the S21 will use Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 888 chipset, some variants sold outside of the US will instead pack Samsung’s Exynos 2100.

In other years, this could be worrying news for some of the company’s biggest fans, given that Exynos-powered devices are often outperformed by their Qualcomm variants, but some early benchmarks suggest Samsung may actually have it. I turned the tables this time. Sure, these types of tests don’t talk about the entire smartphone experience, but the results are promising at least. Aside from the different chips that power the S21, you can expect to see similar configurations almost everywhere: we expect Samsung’s small flagship to come with 12GB of RAM, and 128GB or 256GB of internal storage.

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Oh, and one more thing: Samsung might give people the option to use Google’s Discover feed on their home screens rather than what the company looks like. Not everyone will find this change interesting, but it’s great news for Google fans who prefer smart reminders to the search giant and choose custom content.

What about the Galaxy S21 Plus?

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