This year, Rockstar Games is introducing an “extended and improved” version of the Grand Theft Auto V And the GTA Online For the PS5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S. Meanwhile, he’s thought to be really working hard GTA 6Which is likely related to the PS5, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X as well. That said, many GTA Fans will love seeing the developer revert to previous versions. from San Andres to me Underworld, The entries from last year are begging to remake or remake, but at this point, it’s foolish to expect Rockstar Games to return to these wells.

However, while Rockstar Games may never return to these previous releases, “XXII” YouTubers have a new video for “GTA San Andreas Final EditionFan-made trailer re-imagining the game as a PS5 remaster.

As you can see, the trailer gives the game a visual upgrade, and although it is far from perfect, it does provide a taste of what a modified version of the game could look like. And as you’d expect, all of the main characters – CJ, Big Smoke, Ryder, Officer Frank Tenpenny, Kendl, Cesar, and Sweet – are all there.

While it is unlikely that Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive will remake or remake it GTA San AndreasWell, there’s a good chance it, along with some other nostalgic entry, will be re-released on PS5 just like it, UnderworldMore was re-released on the PS4 last generation. However, this has not yet been confirmed. What GTA Fans can look forward to this year being an “expanded and improved” version of GTA 5And who knows, maybe a GTA 6 Also reveal.

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