The upcoming January PlayStation Plus game list was revealed just a few days ago, but now it looks like Sony is looking to refund those who may have already bought one of the games previously. While it doesn’t look like this offer will extend to all titles in the set, the publisher may specifically do so with this month’s PlayStation 5 bid.

According to a report from Reddit, the person who bought the free January PS5 game, ManneteerIn November, their money is said to have been returned. PlayStation should send this user a message stating, “As a PlayStation Plus subscriber, we will refund the purchase price of this product to your PlayStation Store wallet because this is the monthly PlayStation Plus game. This will not affect your ability to play the game because we have not downloaded the game. From your library. ” So basically, because this person actually bought it Manneteer Shortly before it was announced that the title would be heading for PS Plus, Sony only chose to return their money.

I bought a maneater last month. PS5 turned on to notice they were refunding me from P / ps5

The only thing to note in this report is that there is no way to specifically confirm that what is being asserted is true. Although the concerned user has no reason to lie about the situation occurring in this way, he also has not provided any evidence that Sony has actually brought it back via screenshot or any other supporting documents. So if you are in a similar situation and you find yourself wondering why your money wasn’t also refunded, it might be because this situation didn’t really happen.

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Truth aside, it doesn’t change the fact that January’s PlayStation Plus lineup is pretty excellent. While Manneteer It’s the only PS5 title on the list this month, Shadow Tomb Raider And the Gridval PS4 games are on offer. Although these games are not yet available for download via the service, they will be live on Tuesday 5 January.

Looking forward to this month’s lineup on PS Plus? Let me know in the comments or send me a message on Twitter at Trustworthy To talk more.

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