Santa Barbara, California – Southwest Airlines has announced the destinations it will fly to from Santa Barbara Airport, including several daily flights to Las Vegas.

Southwest will begin service from SBA on April 12, 2021. The initial schedule includes three daily flights to Las Vegas, one daily flight to Denver and one daily flight to Auckland.

“Obviously all are strong markets in their own right, but they are also major points of contact within the Southwest network,” airport spokeswoman Diana Zacherson said, who says that passengers in Santa Barbara can now reach 50 other destinations in the southwest via the new connections.

“We know we were an attractive Southwest market, but it took a change in the industry as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic to provide the momentum to enter the market,” airport manager Henry Thompson said in a statement. . “Whatever the reason, our region will benefit.”

Southwest’s network and its notoriousness due to low prices and no baggage fees make it a popular airline.

“They just have a large loyal client base,” Zacerson said. This is one of the reasons that have led us to pursue them for so long. “

Staff of the airport and other local organizations have dealt with the airline for at least five years.

Tourism group Visit Santa Barbara actively participated in these talks. The organization is now committing $ 250,000 to support the new trips, including marketing campaigns to attract visitors in each of the new southwestern destination cities.

Once recreational travel is considered safe again, the new airlines could help spur a major recovery in Santa Barbara’s hospitality industry and the wider economy in general.

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“This is clearly important to our very important tourism industry, and to our industry for meetings, conferences, and weddings,” said Cathy Janega Dykes, President and CEO of Visit Santa Barbara. “The easier people get here, the more likely they are to consider a visit, and for sure they will become a frequent visitor.

We also know that air passengers stay in the area longer than those arriving by car or train. They also tend to spend more money in our community … The epidemic has definitely highlighted how important tourism is to our local community. “

Southwest flies Boeing 737-700 and 737-800 aircraft to all of its destinations and will do so from Santa Barbara as well.

New tours are currently bookable on the Southwest website. Introductory prices start at $ 39 one-way to Las Vegas.

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