Square Enix has introduced a bunch of new brands that definitely seem like they have a lot to do with a world Final Fantasy VII.

Trademarks are filed in Japan for addressesEver crisis“And the”First SoldierIn addition, a trademark was also introduced for the logo of FF7’s Shinra Electric Power Company. The trademarks were caught by the people in Jimatsu.

These three trademarks are being applied for in the wake of the Final Fantasy VII Remake – Winner’s success Best RPG Site of the Year 2020 Perhaps this is not all surprising. Shinra logo branding is more simple. This logo is used frequently in branding and merchandise, after all. But the titles in particular raise bewildering questions – like what they might actually be.

Ever crisis It is a project name with clear connotations. The Final Fantasy VII collection features the titles in alphabetical order. There is a spin-off FF7 Advent Children, Turks mobile game Before Crisis, PSP prequel Crisis Core, and the PS2 sequel Dirge of Cerberus. This is AC, BC, CC and DC – and now, with Ever Crisis, we have a trademark of what appears to be a new compilation of Final Fantasy VII title on EC.

Ever Crisis could of course be the subtitle of the second part of FF7 Remake. But honestly, we think this is far from certain – especially since the “EC” title makes it seem like another entry in the set. We now know that the new version is related to the assembly and is even considered the fifth part of the assembly, however, it is possible. The choice of the word “always” in the name is interesting, and it immediately reminds us of the idea of ​​the existence of something permanent or eternal; It would be a perfect name for a multiplayer or service-based game within the FF7 universe.

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There is another alternative that is a bit crazy. The later stages of FF7 Remake reveal its true nature as a story that is not just a remake, it is also a sequel to FF7. After the release, director Tetsuya Nomura referred to it as the fifth entry in the seventh Final Fantasy compilation. We know that the game will be released on other platforms besides PlayStation 4 once the one-year exclusive period ends. Could this version of the game be given the subtitle “Ever Crisis”, an indication of its true nature, and now the secret is there?

Since it’s the timing alongside other FF7-related brand filings, First Soldier The generic name is not as it sounds, of course in reference to Shinra’s Elite, a genetically enhanced superhero military set in the FF7 universe. Based on the general meaning of Soldier as defined in FF7, the identity of “First” Soldier is very clear: It is Sephiroth. He was the first to be injected with cells from Project Genova.

However, within the FF7 tradition, SOLDIER is actually mentioned as having existed in a pre-Sephiroth form – for example, Final Fantasy VII Ultimania mentions the use of SOLDIER forces in the Wutai War, and on other occasions prior to the existence of the Jenova Project. However, these same books also make it clear that Sephiroth was Jenova’s first reinforced soldier in existence. Could this be a game, anime, or other story that tells of Sephiroth’s origins? Of course, only time will tell – and before then, we have the next generation yet to be announced but inevitable and PC version of the FF7 Remake to look forward to first – and hopefully in months.

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Meanwhile, fans can now frantically guess what these brand names might mean.

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If we were to expect, it would likely be a new and unique FF7 compilation title, possibly multiplayer, to release sometime around FF7 Remake 2, and some kind of anime or CG movie that tells the story of Sephiroth’s origin … but these are just ideas for us. And now you can too!

What do you want this duo to be? Let us know in the comments below, and take our reflections here as a starting point …

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