A college football coach was fired on Wednesday after an uproar after an insulting tweet about Georgian politician Stacy Abrams.

The Tennessee Chattanooga Mox Offensive line coach Chris Malone has been fired after he tweets about Abrams in the midst of a Georgia Senate election.

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“Congratulations to GA State and Fat Albertstaceyabrams for really showing America the real business of cheating in the election, again !!!” Malone Books. “Enjoy the Big Girl Buffet! I won it !!! Hope good money, I’m still not ruling!”

The tweet has since been deleted.

Mocs coach Rusty Wright and sports director Mark Wharton were quick to reprimand Malone’s tweets.

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“Our football program has a clear set of standards,” Wright said in a statement. “These standards include respect for others. It is a message that our players hear daily. It is a standard that I will not give up. What has been posted on social media by a member of my staff is unacceptable and it is not any part of what I endorse or what Chattanooga Football stands for. Greater than football and as youth leaders we have to set this example, first and foremost. However, immediately, this individual is no longer part of my crew. “

“The sentiments in this position do not represent the values ​​of our football program, our athletics department, or our university,” added Wharton.

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Malone spent two seasons in Tennessee Chattanooga. He was also a coach at Old Dominion and Virginia State.

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