Stephen Colbert rages on Republicans calling for "unity" after the Capitol riot

Stephen Colbert rages on Republicans calling for “unity” after the Capitol riot

Even when the FBI started Make sweeping arrests Of the sedition that attacked the US Capitol building last week, Stephen Colbert asked, “Do you know who does not take extreme right terrorism seriously at all? The President.”

During that Late Show Tuesday night monologue, the host focused on A. New report that President Trump blamed the riots About “the Antifa people” in a call with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy this week.

“what the hell are you talking about?!” Colbert shouted. You have invited these rioters to your gathering in Washington. They were wearing your shirts and hats and waving your flag! And they cheered when I asked them to march to the Capitol. From now on, neurologists will upload pictures like this of stroke victims and say, “Can you tell me who their supporters are?” And if they don’t say, “They are MAGA people,” then you know it’s time to take their car keys. “

The host said the “anti-fascist excuse” was “so ridiculous,” that even “Kevin McCarthy, a typically spine-free area” opposed the president. “Finding this out late in the game that Kevin McCarthy has the power to name reality in the face of the president’s lies is like discovering that Tom Hanks is in forsaken He’s had a boat the whole time! “

As for what comes next, Colbert had little hope that enough Republicans would be ready to vote to remove Trump from office in his final week. “Republican lawmakers desperately need the president’s supporters to love them,” he said. “I mean, their hands are tied – in the literal sense of the word.”

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