Actress Tania Roberts dies. Best known for her roles as a Bond girl and onThis is the ’70s showRoberts died Sunday after being briefly hospitalized, ET learned. She was 65.

According to Roberts’ representative, she died at Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles, and the cause of death was not related Covid-19.

Reportedly, the actress took her dogs for a walk on Christmas Eve and collapsed upon returning home. She was put on a ventilator after being hospitalized but never recovered. The Executor reported that the actress hadn’t appeared as ill in the days leading up to her breakdown.

The 23rd Annual Black Tie Gala dinner featuring 100 stars
Tania Roberts arrives at the 23rd Annual 100-Star Gala Dinner from the Black tie dinner that took place at the Beverly Hills Hotel on February 24, 2013 in Beverly Hills, California.

Albert El Ortega / Getty Images

Roberts – born in Victoria Lee Bloom – began her career as a model before storming the movie with the 1975 horror film. Forcibly enter. “

After a series of television pilots and a number of roles in fictional films, she appeared in her most famous role, playing Stacy Sutton in the 1985 James Bond movie.a killer vision, Opposite Roger Moore in his latest appearance as the famous British spy.

She was also known for her recurring role as Midge PinciottiThis is the ’70s showAnd about her role as Jolly Rogers in the fifth and final season ofCharlie’s Angels In 1980.

The appearance has been honored Her Facebook page.

This story first appeared on ETOnline.

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