Team Giants Blake Martinez loved Joe Judge's gorgeous response to Eagles' Eagles

Team Giants Blake Martinez loved Joe Judge’s gorgeous response to Eagles’ Eagles

The Eagles players past and present talk about their coach, Doug Pederson, on Sunday night, as he led midfielder Galen Hortes to Nate Sudfield, offering his team a chance to beat Washington. Giants players talking about what their coach is doing, Joe Judge, in response to Pederson’s antics, said, Which helped the giants to pay a chance in the qualifiers.

“I think it was Wonderful message from the judge coach,Fullback Blake Martinez said on Tuesday. “It’s something that he kind of instilled in us from day one. Always competitive, always ready to play, and always putting us in the right place to win matches. I think it was just a great way to do that.”

Without mentioning Al Nisour or Pederson, the judge said Monday: “Not respecting everyone’s efforts to make this season a success for the National Football League, disrespecting the game by going out there and not competing for 60 minutes and doing everything you can help these players win. We will never do that as long as I am the head coach of the New York Giants. ”

While watching the Eagles drop against Washington 20-14 – eliminating the Giants from post-season – corner player James Bradbury said something stood out for him more than Pederson’s midfielder.

Joe Judge Blake Martinez
Joe Judge Blake Martinez
Charles Weinselberg / New York Post; Getty Images

“The Eagles’ defense was playing really well,” said Bradbury. “I felt like I was being insulted by the Eagles because they didn’t really do it. Of course they made this late change in the fourth quarter. But while watching the whole match I wasn’t really questioning the decisions and things of the coaches, I was just impressed by how well the Eagles’ defense performed. The match was so close, and it wasn’t.” They play for anything, and I’ve been in that position before, so I know what it could be like as a player. So I was glad they were playing hard. ”

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Xavier McKinney, safety rookie, intercepted the match in the final seconds of their end-of-season victory over the Cowboys, then immediately tweeted an old tweet from Fox Sports Rousble-rouser and Cowboys Skip Bayless.

“Yes, man, I couldn’t even see him when he first said that, and I saw him, someone mentioned it to me just, maybe two days ago,” said McKinney. “So, I kind of had a little bit in my bag, trying to play around with it a little.”

Bayless on April 24th took to Twitter to post his thoughts on taking the McKinney Giants with the 36th overall pick in the draft: “Glad the Giants took the safety of Bama, Xavier McKinney, I didn’t want the Cowboys to take it.”

McKinney not long after he got his first NFL opposition to eliminating the Cowboys from the playoff competition. He tweeted back at Bayless: “Skip a late Happy New Year” with a winking emoji.

As soon as he saw the protest, the judge said, he saw McKinney swaying about his first reaction was to “stay in the damn end zone.” McKinney admitted that wasn’t his first idea.

“In college, I remember picking one up and I was in the end zone, it was game over, and it was like this same scenario, and in college, I picked up an interception and took my knee,” McKinney said. “Everyone was like, ‘Hey man, you gotta run out. “ So when I get this, as soon as I hold it, my first instinct was to just go, because I was just trying to take the distance, to be honest, but I heard Logan [Ryan]I really heard Logan telling me to come down, and as soon as I heard that, I just slipped in and I was happy with the end result we got.

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