Patricia LoudThe Nation of the Loud family in the TV documentary American family He died on Sunday of natural causes. She was 94 years old.

Patricia Loud, lower right, in “American Family”
Everett Group

The news of Loud’s death has been confirmed on the Laude official Facebook page. “In unbearable sadness, we feel sad to share the news with friends and family that on Sunday January 10 at 1:55 PM PDT, Pat Loud passed away peacefully in her sleep of natural causes. She was cuddled safely in her comfortable home, in the presence of loving children Michelle, Delilah, Kevin and Grant. “.

Loud was born on October 4, 1926 in Eugene, Oregon. I graduated from Stanford University in 1948, where I studied world history and English language literature. Upon returning to her hometown, she met William Laud and they will be married in Mexico City. Their first son Alanson “Lance” Russell Loud was born in June 1951.

She and her family entered the spotlight as one of the subjects of what would be considered the first American reality television series. Filmed from May 30 to December 31, 1971, American family It follows the daily life of the Loud family, an upper-middle-class family based in Santa Barbara. What was initially a tumultuous life became a streak that chronicled William and Pat Loud’s divorce.

The matriarch of the American family is loud
Patricia Loud sits on the right in “American Family”
Everett Group

The documentary was a cultural hotspot of its time, showcasing family turmoil and the exit of Lance, a member of the family, who is credited as one of the first openly gay TV characters. He passed away in 2001 William Laud He passed away in 2018 At 97.

American family It was first broadcast in the United States on public broadcast service and ran for 12 episodes.

Bill Cobain’s Death: The Leading CEO of Public Television who ran KCET for 13 years was 91 years

During her time in the series, she appeared out loud The Dick Cavett Show And the The Mike Douglas Show, Such as TV program The series captured the attention of American viewers.

In 2011, Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini took a deep dive in the reality TV series with Cinema Ferrett. Written by David Seltzer, Cinema Ferrett Diane Lynn appeared as The Mother, alongside Tim Robin, Bill Loud and James Gandolfini Craig Gilbert.

Cinema Ferrett It won many nominations for the Golden Globe and Prime Time Emmy Awards. Dian Linn got a nod for her portrayal of Patricia out loud.

Instead of flowers, the family is grateful for any donations they will make in their name to The Rescue Train at

Read the Facebook post and watch the video of the Patricia tribute aloud below.

Scott Shelston contributed to this report.

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