The Seattle Seahawks (11-4) are the West NFC Champions! Let’s celebrate!

With a brilliant wire-to-wire defensive performance that cemented Seattle’s improvements on this side of the field, the Seahawks grabbed the Los Angeles Rams (9-6) outside the finish area and crime woke up in the second half to turn the first half score 6-6 in a 20-9 win. Seattle is still alive for Seed # 1, and it’s certainly no worse than # 3 given the unfortunate state of NFC East.

Russell Wilson overcame a slow start to a hasty landing and a dagger from a passing touchdown to Jacob Hollister, while Jared Gove was fired three times and thrown an interception.

What a performance!

first half

The Rams got the ball first and went with a hat-trick and out with a poor field position. this group Seahawks Until 46. Russell Wilson was lucky to not throw a pick-set at Darius Williams in third, and the Seahawks sure shot it back. Jared Gove turned three plays down on the next Rams possession, but an inaccurate Van Jefferson shot resulted in Matt Jay’s 44-yard goal. 3-0 rams.

Both teams exchanged kicks as the quarter drew to a close and defenses remained on top. Russell Wilson got a little into the beat and took the Seahawks into range. He should have thrown a landing on Jacob Hollister on the road to the wheel but he was way off target and Hollister may have collided on the way there. Wilson was fired for third place and Jason Myers settled it. 3-3.

Robert Woods and Cooper Cobb got Rams in range. Jamal Adams dropped an objection on a throw intended for Tyler Hegby, but the Seattle defense held the Rams to 51 yards by Matt Jay. 3-6 rams.

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With the Seahawks’ attack continuing to do nothing, the defense continued to play its part. The Rams initially had a three-point throw, only for Ryan Neal to turn the shot blocker into a heavy blow to extend the gambler’s penalty. Back in field goal range, Jared Gove threw fast and Quandre Diggs was the only one in the frame of camera with a chance to catch the ball. This year’s fifth pick for Pro Bowl safety.

Seahawks turned that into a field goal. DK Metcalf had a 17-yard conversion in a 3-down FG range. As usual, Wilson took a third bag. 6-6 with 1:04 until the end of the first half.

Three more times by the Rams meant the Seahawks recovered the ball: 42 left and two timeouts but a very poor field position. The leadership was in disarray and they entered the first half.

the other half

A great start from the locker room. Wilson hit David Moore for 45 yards at 3 and 8 spikes. Another third diversion to Carlos Hyde gave the Seahawks a first and a goal. Russell flocked to his left for four yards and six points! 13-6 Seahawks.

The Rams are back and their attack has finally reached the Red Zone for the first time throughout the afternoon. Jamal Adams saved the landing when Daryl Henderson had the edge but was chased from behind (and unfortunately injured) in 1. Four cracks in the finish area, all kicks, and the Seahawks’ defense made the position! Jordyn Brooks is in the middle of it all stuffing Malcolm Brown into fourth place and goal.

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Seahawks’ three-and-a-options resulted in a kick, which was flopped but the Rams somehow recovered. So the Rams got the ball in the Seahawks ’44 for their best position at the start of the day. Seattle carried them to a field goal, with Alton Robinson securing a main bag. 13-9 Seahawks with 12:49 left.

It looked as if Seattle had a third diversion and 1 with Chris Carson but DK Metcalf had an illegal shift penalty that canceled the play. The third and sixth plays were a throw and thus a Seattle chase. The Rams reached midfield after a nice run from Malcolm Brown and a big lunge by Josh Reynolds. Red’s sacked Jared Gove on the 2nd and 10th and the 3rd and 12th rolls were incomplete. Seahawks ball again at 20 with 7:20 to go.

First off, down Luckett, first down through Carson, and first down by Lockett to 35 rams. Just like that! Another diversion from the third clutch to the DK Metcalf drained the watch even more and put it in a comfortable field goal range. 3 and 4 huge for Seahawks with 2:56 left after timeout for Rams. And Wilson finds Jacob Hollister for a twist! 9 plays, 80 yards, 4:29 drive. 9-20 Seahawks with 2:51 remain.

Josh Reynolds “surrendered” by catching and then dropping the ball. It’s a flop in theory, but Reynolds decided not to catch up with the run so I guess it’s not a spin. Sean McVeigh was furious about what he thought was a loser stumbling, so they lost 15 yards from the penalty spot on the bench. Garan sacked Red Gove again for imposition 4 and 20, which failed to convert. Game, group, and split title! 9-20 Seahawks.

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Seahawks Injury Report

CB Jason Stanley no longer has a hamstring injury.

DT Jarran Reed appeared to worsen a chest injury in the fourth trimester. He got up and got out. Then he came back to hit Hollow more.

Next week’s discount

Seahawks concludes the regular season vs. San Francisco 49ers (6-9) at State Farm in Glendale, Arizona. Launch time is 1:25 PM PDT on Sunday Jan 3rd on FOX.

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