While the Toronto Blue Jays remains among the teams interested in the free agent outdoors player Michael BrantleyA source familiar with the situation told ESPN that they had not reached an agreement on a contract.

Earlier, ESPN reported that the Blue Jays and Brantley had struck a deal to join their former teammate in the Houston Astros. George SpringerThe sources confirmed, on Tuesday, that agreed to a six-year contract worth 150 million dollars with Toronto.

Demand for Brantley, 33, remains strong due to the high contact rate, low strike rate and polishing on the board. In 46 matches for Astros in 2020, alternating left field and DH, he hit Brantley. 300, with five Homer and 22 RBIs and OPS of. 840.

He hit at least 0.300 in five seasons since 2014, and tied with four others for most seasons in baseball in that time period. He has also made only 10.1% of his board appearances since 2014, and is the third-best player in baseball in that time period, with at least 2,000 billboards appearing.

Injuries plagued Brantley during his 12-year career with the Cleveland Indians and Astros, Brantley averaging 0.297, with 114 Homers, 640 RBI and .794 OPS. He has been a four-time All-Star superstar, and in 2014 he finished third in the MVP vote.

Brantley was playing for a two-year, $ 32 million contract signed before the 2019 season.

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ESPN statistics and information contributed to this report.

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