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Time to put the rumors of the Deshaun Watson trade in Miami to rest?

The NFL media world was abuzz last week as rumors emerged from Houston. According to reports, QB Deshaun Watson It was not satisfied with the way the Texas administration handled GM’s search. The hype became louder when ESPN’s Chris Mortenson mentioned that Deshawn Watson would consider a deal with the Miami Dolphins. PFN Insider Benjamin Allbright shut down Deshaun Watson trade rumors this week Rapid slopes PFN.

What PFN hears about Deshawn Watson and Miami

“I don’t think it is likely to be affected. All I was told is that they will not trade it.”

Further extinguishing Deshaun Watson’s flames in Miami commercial rumors, Allbright followed up on the information he had received from the source.

“This same source told me that they don’t trade Deshaun Watson at all. I pressed this guy for a hypothesis. Hypothetically, what does it take to move Deshaun Watson in void? He said it would take three seconds, three seconds And the The Pro Bowl-caliber player will start the conversation. So the idea that you’re going to have a Watson for Tua and first thing and something else is hilariously ridiculous. This does not happen. You won’t get Deshaun Watson for less than beauty Adams cost. Deshaun Watson would require an absolute dinghy load to get it now. He is not even in the exclusion zone, and he has a no-trade clause, so he had to waive that. “

Three choices from the first round.

Three selections from the second round.

Pro-Bowl Caliber Player.

Just to start the conversation with Deshaun Watson. It would likely take a deal similar to that of Eric Dickerson and Herschel Walker for Watson to wear a different shirt.

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Why did Deshawn Watson rumors of commerce in Miami appear?

The news first came out when Texas hired Nick Caserio as its general manager. Reports emerged that Deshawn Watson was frustrated with the team’s operation for two reasons. First, Watson was not involved as promised. Second, the decision was hijacked by Jacques Easterby.

Albright discussed some of this, too.

“I’ve spoken to some folks over there in Houston while all this was going down. I’ll say this. First of all, the Texas organization claims it tried to reach out to him.” [Watson]But he was on vacation or was inaccessible and he did not return to them … All we hear is one side of [argument] I’m trying to give you the other side, so we’re all on the same page. “

Another source of frustration was the lack of charisma regarding OC chiefs Eric Binnemi. Allbright stated that the players believed that Eric Binnemi was the first runner for the vacant Texas manager position.

However, Jack Easterby initially refused to even entertain Benimi, as Texas did not request an interview with him. On the one hand, with new General Manager Nick Cacerio at the helm, they are interviewing a lot of coaches who have worked with Bieniemy, such as Leslie Frazier. Maybe they would check out his team members and try to find out more about Penny.

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Albright also refuted a report that said Eric Binnemi was not interested in a job for Texans.

Headbutt in Texas Building Over HC

Allbright discussed how there appears to be mounting tension in the building, beyond the Deshaun Watson commercial rumors, about the upcoming HC in Texas. When discussing rumors about Josh McDaniels being the next high commissioner from Texas, Albright got into some running tensions there.

Well, I don’t think so [hiring Josh McDaniels] It’s Nick Cácerio’s call, but it’s definitely Jack Easterby’s call. I don “t think so [Texans Owner] Cale McNair wants that to happen. You have to think that he definitely didn’t want to be described as the “Patriots of the South”. I definitely think Caserio would be open to it, because he has a positive relationship with Josh McDaniels, but I don’t think that’s the way they are going. “

Easterby wants one thing, McNair wants something else, and Cacerio is in the middle. Allbright also described his Texas locker room as “toxic” at the moment.

Allbright mentioned that Texans are looking to assemble a potential cast before they get to interview Eric Bieniemy. It could be a step to be a little sneaky with their coaching positions and to fill in the staff at Bieniemy before he’s hired.

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