Tom Brady's parents were exposed to COVID-19 last year;  The Tampa Bay Buccaneers' QB was' stressed '

Tom Brady’s parents were exposed to COVID-19 last year; The Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ QB was’ stressed ‘

Tom BradyWald says he and his wife wrestled with COVID-19 last year, which has “stressed” the superstar as he was starting his first season with Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Tom Brady Sr., in a Monday interview with #Greeny on ESPN Radio, said he was hospitalized for three weeks sometime last year, and that he and his wife, Galen, are “sick like a dog.”

Brady Sr. noted that the couple, both 76 years old, had not watched Bucks’ first two matches this season due to his hospitalization, saying it was the first time in their son’s career that they missed a match.

“We didn’t miss a match in Michigan or New England or anywhere else,” he told ESPN. “In the first two games when I was in the hospital, I didn’t even care if they were playing – let alone miss the game. It was a matter of life and death, just like anyone who goes to the hospital. This is serious stuff.”

Tom Sr. said that Galen, a breast cancer survivor, did not need to be hospitalized due to the virus. Their daughter, a nurse, took care of Galen while Tom Sr. was in the hospital.

He said, “We are just representatives of the 25 million Americans who have owned these things so far, so there is no reason to get rid of it.”

Elder Brady also described how difficult it was to balance his son between football and his interest in his parents, saying that the six-time Super Bowl champion “would face me every day on his way to and from training” and was “tense” worrying about them.

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He said, “Tommy fought through it, and now he’s in the rearview mirror.” “We are healthy and happy and everything is fine.”

Brady Sr. made the comments one day after his son led the Pirates to the annoyance of the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship Game and the Super Bowl’s debut since the 2002 season.

Brady, 43, will play in the Super Bowl for the tenth time in his career on February 7 when Bucs face the Kansas City Chiefs in Tampa.

“This year has been incredible,” said Brady Sr. “I don’t know where we will start the season, and being where we end the season is just an amazing development as far as I’m concerned. … Reaching the Super Bowl X in 19 years of playing is beautiful – it’s incomprehensible, in fact. It beats anything that can be … We imagine it. “

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