Tweets about Wonder Woman 1984

Tweets about Wonder Woman 1984

Whether you liked or hated the movie, these Tweets are extremely accurate.

And therefore Wonder Woman 1984 It has been available to stream on HBO Max for the past three weeks – and the film has received somewhat polarized reviews on social media. Here are the good, bad, and funny tweets on the topic:


I’ve officially watched # WonderWoman1984 3 times, and oh man I realized from my second and third hours it got better every time. This movie is very nice and contains many great messages. Great movie GaladottyJenks @ PedroPascal

Warner Bros / Twitter: MoyBoogieWoogie


I came to the movie expecting it to be so stupid, camp and cheesy but you know what? # WonderWoman1984 It was all these things but it is also (mostly) full of color and very fun.

Warner Bros / Twitter: fullytacomatic


Well, I finally saw Wonder Woman in 1984, and she took me: I totally enjoyed it BC, I didn’t expect it to be a groundbreaking movie, I was expecting Kristen to be a leopard print borrowed, took a shit and got what I wanted! 10/10

Twitter: sweetIikeandy

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