CHICAGO (January 5, 2020) – At the start of an important year for the US men’s national team, which includes the CONCACAF Nations League final, the Gold Cup, and the start of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, USMNT head coach Greg Berhalter will start 2021 with a gathering of 12 players in 9 January at IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida.

The first team group, made up of players 24 years of age or older, will train alongside U-23 USMNT until January 24, at which point many U-23 players will be promoted to the full USMNT roster ahead of the eventual planned match from the month.

“This is an important year for our national team programs, and we look forward to making the most of every possible opportunity,” said Berhalter. “For the senior squad, this is an opportunity to continue to develop as a group and build on a challenging year-to-date. Being alongside the U-23 team gives this group an opportunity to prepare for the Olympic qualifiers while further integrating into our culture and our game model.”

USMNT list detailed by position (club, matches / goals):

Goalkeepers (2)
: Shaun Johnson (New York City FC; 9/0) Matt Turner (New England Revolution; 0/0)

Advocates (3)
: Tristan Blackmon (LAFC; 0/0), Aaron Long (New York Red Bulls; 18/3), Walker Zimmerman (Nashville; 13/2)

Midfield (3)
: Clyn Acosta (Colorado Rapids; 24/2), Sebastian Littgate (Los Angeles Galaxy; 17/4), Christian Roldan (Seattle Sounders FC; 19/0)

Attackers (4)
: Josie Altidore (Toronto FC / Cannes, 115/42), Paul Areola (DC United; 34/6), Jordan Morris (Seattle Sounders FC; 39/10), Chris Muller (Orlando City, 1/2)

USMNT Listings Notes

  • The average age of the 12 players is 27, 48 days with an average of 24 international matches.

  • Players represent 11 different MLS clubs: Seattle Sounders FC (2), Colorado Rapids, DC United, LAFC, Nashville SC, New England Revolution, New York City FC, New York Red Bulls, Orlando City and Toronto FC.

  • Returning to USMNT for the first time since CONCACAF Gold Cup 2019, striker Josie Altidore is the oldest player on the list with 115 caps. He is followed by Jordan Morris (39), Paul Areola (34), Clin Acosta (24) and Aaron Long (18).

  • Defender Tristan Blackmon is the only newcomer on the USMNT squad roster. The 24-year-old right-back completed his third season with LAFC in 2020, appearing in 20 games in all competitions, while helping the club reach the 2020 CONCACAF Champions League Final.

  • Blackmon joins veteran goalkeeper Matt Turner as first-team players seeking their first match this month.

  • Six first-team players participated in USMNT’s 6-0 victory over El Salvador last month: Paul Areola, Aaron Long, Sebastian Littgate and Chris Muller started the match, while Klein Acosta and Walker Zimmerman entered as a substitute.

  • Mueller made his debut in the El Salvador game, becoming the sixth player to score two goals in his USMNT debut. Mueller also provided an assist in the 6–0 victory.

  • Areola opened the scoring against El Salvador with his sixth international goal, while Litgate scored for the fourth time and his second match in a row in USMA.

  • Lletget was also the only USMNT player to appear in all four matches in 2020.

  • Despite participating in some January camps last year, the Seattle Sounders duo of Jordan Morris and Christian Roldan will play their first international match since their 4-0 win over Cuba in the group stage of the CONCACAF Nations League on November 19, 2019.

  • Four players on the top list won USMNT for the first time during a camp match in January: Klein Acosta (January 31, 2016 against Iceland), Sean Johnson (January 22, 2011 against Chile), Sebastian Litgate (January 29, 2017) against Serbia) and Walker Zimmerman ( February 3, 2017 against Jamaica).

  • Josie Altidore scored his first international goal during a friendly match in January, scoring a 2–2 draw with Mexico on 6 February 2008.

U-23 USMNT gathered for the final time following Olympic qualification

The U-23 team is meeting as a group for the first time since the CONCACAF Men’s Olympic qualifiers were suspended ten months ago and will use this last opportunity for coach Jason Chris to build and evaluate the roster before the qualifiers resume. The tournament is in March.

“With the Olympic Qualifiers fast approaching, this training camp is a great opportunity to prepare ourselves and evaluate some new faces,” said Chris. “While 2020 has been a challenging year, it was impressive to see so many qualified U-23 players make great strides in the field. Some of them have been involved with the first team over the past few months, and it is now exciting to bring our players and staff back together in the camp side by side. Together with Greg and his group as we prepare for a very important qualifying tournament. “

Detailed U-23 USMNT List by Title (Club):

Goalkeepers (3)
: JT Marcinkowski (San Jose Earthquakes), David Ochoa (Real Salt Lake), Brady Scott (Austin FC)

Advocates (10)
: Julian Araujo (Los Angeles Galaxy), George Bello (Atlanta United FC), Chris Gloucester (PSV Eindhoven / NED), Aaron Herrera (Real Salt Lake), Abubakar Keita (Columbus Crew SC), Henry Kessler (New England Revolution), Mauricio Pineda (Chicago Fire), Brian Reynolds (FC Dallas), Miles Robinson (Atlanta United), Sam Vines (Colorado Rapids)

Midfield (6)
: Hassani Dotson (Minnesota United), Priang Caillou (Wolfsburg / Germany), Andres Beria (Orlando City), Tanner Tisman (FC Dallas), Eric Williamson (Portland Timbers), Jackson Yoel (San Jose Earthquakes)

Attackers (7)
Cady Cowell (San Jose Earthquakes), Daryl Dyke (Orlando City), Jeremy Epobisi (Portland Timbers), Jesus Ferreira (FC Dallas), Jonathan Lewis (Colorado Rapids), Benji Michel (Orlando City), Djordji Mihailovic (Montreal Impact) /Can)

* The player is not currently eligible to represent the United States

U-23 USMNT Listings Notes

  • Players born on January 1 1997 or later qualify for the CONCACAF Men’s Olympic Qualifiers, Chris has selected 10 players born in 1997, two born in 1998, two born in 1999, five born in 2000, four born in 2001, two born in 2002 and one Born in 2003.

  • The 26-player list comes from 16 clubs, 14 in Major League Soccer and one each from Germany and the Netherlands.

  • Three players each from FC Dallas, Orlando City and San Jose Earthquakes.

  • Eight players have been honored by USMNT: defenders Julian Araujo, Miles Robinson and Sam Vines, midfielder Jackson Yoel, strikers Jeremy Epobisi, Jesus Ferreira, Jonathan Lewis and Djorje Mihilovich.

  • Eleven of the United States’ finalists participated in a FIFA Youth World Cup tournament:

    • 2017 U-20 World Cup – Goalkeeper JT Marcinkowski, midfielder Eric Williamson and striker Jeremy Epobisi.
    • U-20 World Cup 2019 – Goalkeeper David Ochoa and defenders Julian Araujo, Chris Gloucester and Abubakar Keita.
    • U-20 World Cup 2017 & 2019 – Goalkeeper Brady Scott
    • 2017 U-17 World Cup – Gloucester and defender Brian Reynolds
    • U-17 World Cup 2019 – defender George Bello and midfielder Priang Kaiyu
  • Despite being part of the camp roster, midfielder Andres Pereira is currently ineligible to represent the United States after playing for Colombia in the U-17 World Cup in 2017 and the U-20 World Cup in 2019.

  • Nine players participated in the USMNT training camp for the month of December: Julian Araujo, Daryl Dyck, GT Marcinkowski, Djurgi Mihajlovic, David Ochoa, Andrich Beria, Mauricio Pineda, Sam Vines and Jackson Yuell.

  • Ten players make their debut for U-23 USMNT in this tournament: George Bello, Kid Cowell, Daryl Dyke, Priang Caio, Abubakar Keita, Andres Beria, Mauricio Pineda, Brian Reynolds and Tanner Tisman.

  • Midfielder Djurgi Mihajlovic tops the list with five U-23 caps. He captained the team in their last three international matches.

  • Goalkeeper JT Marcinkowski has appeared in all eight U-23 USMNT training camps at this session, including the team’s joint camp with USMNT in June 2019.

  • Fourteen of the 24 local players are MLS Homegrowns.

  • A total of 24 of the 26 players spent time at the NFDA.

  • In addition to the 14 MLS players featured through their academies, the last 10 remaining players have played for the following DA teams: Julian Araujo (Barcelona Academy), Hassani Dotson (Crossfire Premier), Jeremy Epobisi (Bethesda-Olney), Chris Gloucester (New York Red Bulls) ), Priang Caio (DC United), Henry Kessler (Beachside SC), Jonathan Lewis (Kendall SC), Miles Robinson (FC Boston Bullets), Brady Scott (D. Anza Force), Jackson Yoel (Minnesota Thunder Academy) ).

  • Six players won the Academy of Development Championship. Aaron Herrera is back home at the 2013 National Under-15/16 Championship with Real Salt Lake-Arizona, while Djorje Mihajlovic and Mauricio Pineda helped the Chicago Fire team win the 2015 U17/18 Academy title.

  • Jesus Ferreira and Brian Reynolds were part of FC Dallas U-15/16 that won the 2016 Academy Championship. Reynolds was also part of the club’s U-17/18 team that also won the tournament that year.

  • George Bello won the 2017 Academy Championship with the Atlanta U-15/16 team.

  • The seven players born in 2001 or later – Julian Araujo, George Bello, Kid Cowell, Brian Caio, David Ochoa, Brian Reynolds and Tanner Tisman – also qualify for the age group for the 2024 Summer Olympics.

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