Valorant Episode 2's new character is Yoru, and here's his ability set

Valorant Episode 2’s new character is Yoru, and here’s his ability set

Riot revealed the first details about the AppraisalThe new episode that will include a new character. While Riot is sure to detail some of the other changes that will likely come with the new update on January 12th, the developer has already given us a look at Yoru, AppraisalLatest agent.

Yoru is a Duelist hacker who specializes in astray and movement. He can do things like teleport over short distances, blind his opponents with a flash, and transform himself invisible with Ultimate. A new agent can silence steps to get rid of his enemies completely.

Along with Yoru, Riot is also launching a new Battle Pass that will last until March 1, and a skin pack called the Run-It-Back Pack, which will include some fan favorite skins from Appraisalthe first episode.

Appraisal Episode 1 will start on January 12th, and it will likely come with some other correction notes and balance changes. In the meantime, you can check out the full Yoru toolkit so you know what to expect from the challenging new dealer.

C – fake

Prepare an echo that simulates a pace when Fire is activated to activate and send the echo forward, Alt Fire to put an echo in place, use the inactive Echo to send it to the front.

E – Gatchcrash

Prepare to harness the fire rift rope to send the rope out and forward, Alt Fire to put the rope in place, activate it to instantly move to the location of the rope.

O – the blind

Processing to tear off a dimensional unstable portion of reality. Fire to throw a splinter, activating a flash that ends once it hits a hard surface in the world.

X – Dimensional drift

Have a mask that can see between dimensions. Fire to drift into the distance of Yoru, unable to be affected or seen by enemies from outside.

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