Hallelujah, it finally happens. Apple may finally get rid of the dreaded Touch Bar on MacBook Pros this year.

As noted before 9to5MacRenowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has predicted that the company will replace the touchpad with physical buttons in its upcoming devices. Additionally, it is also planning to return the IO ports and Magsafe charging method.

This is great news because Touchbar was a useless and hated accessory. My colleague Callum dedicated an entire piece to How the Touch Bar ruined his lifeAnd, as he said eloquently, “The MacBook Touch Bar sucks.”

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It was not a fruitful addition, and people prefer having physical keys, so Apple’s decision will be appreciated.

For many users, the input and output ports, such as the USB-A slot and the SD card reader, will be a welcome change. Currently, the MacBook Pro lineup includes only USB-C ports, so people have to purchase additional dongles to connect to other accessories.

I’m intrigued that Apple is returning to Magsafe for shipping, and I’d love to hear why they do. More and more devices are turning towards USB-C, so people are investing in charging bricks and power banks that support this standard. If Apple goes Magsafe’s way, I will have to pull out another charger.

Kuo also said the tech giant will make a design change and put bezels on the upcoming MacBook Pros – matching the iPhone 12 and iPad Pro’s design aesthetics.

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It’s great to start the year with great news for the MacBook Pro. However, there is still no mention of whether Apple will release the MacBook Pro with touchscreens, but I will.

If you currently have a laptop that features a horrible Touch Bar and can’t wait for the new version to drop, you can always Make him a little more bearable by preventing him from changing all the damn time .

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Posted on January 15, 2021 – 08:24 UTC

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