WandaVision Spoilers for the first and second episodes follow.

WandaVision’s Episode 2 It opens with more local bliss, afterwards fascinatedFirst show styled. Sitting in separate beds, Wanda and Vision are enjoying married life to its fullest when a loud spanking (outside) suddenly interrupts the couple.

Fearing what the noise might be, Wanda gathers the two beds together to bring her husband closer. The couple soon discovered that the sound had just come from tree branches hitting their window. But a strange feeling of discomfort follows, hinting that not everything might seem to be in their suburban getaway …

Make a cool animation sequence, weird radio broadcasts, and the best magic show in the world, all of which add even more mysterious layers to this world that the Avengers now live in.

Chuck ZlotnikMarvel Studios

Then, as the ring began to fade, Wanda suddenly found herself pregnant. With no nonsense on screen to talk about, the origin of this miraculous lamb is also a mystery, and unfortunately you have to wait when this loud noise suddenly returns. This time, not a tree makes all this racket.

Wanda Vision Adventure Outside to discover a stranger climbing out of the sewage in the middle of the street. The identity of the man in question is unclear as his face is obscured by a large beekeeping mask. Even though he’s heading toward the camera for a while, his face is covered in shadows.

While Wanda doesn’t seem to realize who exactly he is, her reaction is still hostile, suggesting that he doesn’t belong to that suburban dream scene that (maybe) she created. Just thinking, time suddenly turns back, and takes them (and us) back inside as Wanda and Vision celebrate the news of their pregnancy.

The couple kiss, and when they do, color suddenly explodes all over the place, causing the Westview world to something that never seems out of place. Brady Bunch. But even as the credits started popping up, this radio sound appeared again, calling out Wanda. He asks “Who does this to you Wanda”. “World Health Organization?” And this enigmatic speaker isn’t the only one asking this question, either.

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Back when “the beekeeper” appeared briefly in Previous trailer, Some fans suspected he might be a member of AIM, a criminal organization that wears large yellow hazmat suits that bore more than just a passing resemblance to beekeeping equipment.

However, we can now confirm that this is not the case. Sure, it wouldn’t be difficult to bring AIM as they are closely related to hydra (Another group was plagued captain America in the movies). But a closer look at the symbol printed on the back of the beekeeper indicates that in fact it belongs to another organization altogether.

wandavision, beekeeper


last year, WandaVision Confirmed Image Collection That SWORD (Monitoring and Response Department for the Conscious World) is making its debut on the show, and the first proper glimpse of it is now courtesy of the SWORD logo of the beekeeper depicted on the back (as shown above, via Comicbook.com).

So what exactly is a sword? In the comics, this space intelligence agency deals with extraterrestrial threats to global security. Think SHIELD, but with more aliens and aliens.

Their MCU debut was actually a bit annoying at the end Spider-Man: Far From Home In one of Post-credits scenes for the movie When Nick Fury can be seen relaxing on the Skrull ship. When he said It’s time to get back in business, as this may have hinted at the origins of a new space-related counterpart for SHIELD.

If true, what suddenly does SWORD do in Westview? Well, we know for a fact that something just isn’t right about this suburban scene … if the comics are anything you have to go through, it looks like Wanda has had her break from reality, it’s probably because Vision death At the end of Avengers: Infinity War.

Using her powers, Wanda has (likely) reconfigured reality to create a better world for herself, but unfortunately for Westview, the entire city seems to have indulged in her illusion as well.

If so, it is possible that this ghostly voice on the other end of this wireless transmission belongs to a SWORD agent trying to hack and help Wanda, without realizing that she was the one who started this entire mess.

But who is this beekeeper? If he was really SWORD bound, how did he end up in Westview while all of his mates look inside on the outside? The most obvious answer is that he found a way to breach Wanda’s defenses, perhaps in the now mini SWORD helicopter pictured below. Or maybe he simply fell into Wanda’s initial spell?

Whether or not this is true does not explain the beekeeper’s clothing. Our guess is that this suit helps protect him from Wanda’s magic, although we’ve all seen, that hasn’t stopped her from bringing him back where he came from.

There is also the question of whose face falls under this mask. While a beekeeper might just be an anonymous agent brought in to look intimidating, he will also likely end up playing a more important role at a later time. It might be so Jimmy Woo Under the mask, repeating his role as Randall Park from Ant-Man. Or what if this was a more evil person? It looks like someone higher might be pulling some strings here, too.

Regardless of who is under the mask, the bees that accompany them also feed the astonishing amount of floral motifs scattered throughout the first two episodes. Was this customer maiming to a beekeeper when he entered Westview? Or is it a puppet of another entity, someone stronger than Wanda or a sword? (Internet rumors currently indicate Mephisto Or Baron von Strucker, the Nazi who gave Wanda her powers in the first place.)

Predicting answers will eventually get our way by the end of Season 1, or maybe even Season Two if This tip From Marvel Kevin Feige’s product is anything that can go through …

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