Although this year the Christmas celebrations around the world were quiet due to pandemicThe festive joy, however, managed to spread to outer space. The astronauts on the International Space Station (ISS) not only celebrated Christmas on the space station, but they also sent a message about the human ability to adapt to Earth.

All seven members of the International Space Station’s Flight 64 crew took a day off in orbit to relax, but five of them broadcast some special videos to everyone on Earth. They talked about how the epidemic is changing life, they revive the human spirit and talk about how they celebrate Christmas, displaying the gifts they received through special delivery.

Even though the crew took a day off, they confirmed that the mission control team at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston is working around the clock and will be working all days off and giving a special shout.

The international crew on the International Space Station includes NASA astronauts Kate Robins, Michael Hopkins, Victor Glover Jr., and Shannon Walker. Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, astronaut Soishi Noguchi; And Russian astronauts Sergei Kud Svereshkov and Sergey Ryzhikov.

In keeping with tradition, they decorated the International Space Station with holiday decorations made from items around the station and flaunted them by challenging the mission control crew to create holiday decorations made only from the materials on the building. Scoville, wearing a red and green Christmas jacket, replied, “I accept the challenge!” Before adding “I might have to trim this coat and turn it into something new later.”

The holiday spirit was evident in the video messages when SpaceX Crew Dragon pilot Victor Glover showed off his socks – printed to order with photos of his family members – and Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency engineer, Soichi Noguchi, the team shared an early Christmas gift for the team – a box of mackerel made by a group of schoolgirls . “This is a small, tiny box of mackerel,” Noguchi joked as he showed off the gift, “but it’s a giant leap for Japanese high school girls.”

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And since Christmas is not complete without Santa Claus, for the first time ever, astronauts on the International Space Station got a special visit from an alien spacecraft – powered by a reindeer and carrying an ancient elf. North American Air Defense Command (NORAD) and Analytical Graphics (AGI) have revealed a new video of Santa Claus flying near the festival station.

“For the first time ever, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has issued a special commercial space license to Santa Fe for a manned mission to the International Space Station using its StarSleigh-1 space capsule supported by a Rudolph missile,” the Federal Aviation Administration said in a statement. “Let’s face it, 2020 has been a difficult year and we can all use some of the special holiday joy that only Santa Claus can provide.”

Earlier, they took some time to send the message of “resilience” home during a particularly difficult holiday season, explaining once again the significance of the name they gave to the SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule that launched four astronauts to the space station in November.

Away from home and family on Earth, astronauts over the past 20 years have spent their holidays aboard the International Space Station (ISS), and every year, they immortalize events by adapting new ways to enjoy festivities in outer space.

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