sound Megan Markle And the Prince Harry Happy wherever they are.

Exactly a year ago, the royal duo announced their intention To retreat as “senior” members of the royal family, “ And they did not look back.

After the historical transformation, he rose Duke and Duchess of Sussex, 36 and 39, respectively, worked their way up in an effort to “become financially independent” and Relocated to California. They first dived into the entertainment world by signing up for Netflix production deal And the Launching a Podcast on Spotify – Not to mention Markle Narration worked on a Disney + documentary.

When the deal was struck between Harry and his contemporaries from the royal family – known widely as “Megxit” – the duo gave up their titles of Royal Highness and They reportedly agreed to reconsider their royal status a year later.

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry “do not log their move to the United States” after the royal exit, claims Pal

Their official transition from royal life happened in March 2020, so as the anniversary approaches, a question arises: Will Harry and Markle return to royal life?

“The general consensus is that this ‘divorce’ worked,” royal expert Katie Nicole told Entertainment Tonight. “Megan and Harry left the royal family to become independent, to become financially independent. They totally achieved it this year. They can now look back a year later and maybe celebrate their decision.”

Despite the deadline for an upcoming decision, Nicole said there would be no kind of “official” meeting between Harry and his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, Because that was never part of the plan.

“Yes, there was always a one-year probation period, but that was a year in the business,” Nicole added. “This is the year Harry has been in regular contact with his grandmother. The general feeling is that the couple are bound by the terms of the agreement.”

When the Sussexes announced their plan to step aside, they made it clear that they wished to continue “to give her full support to Her Majesty the Queen,” which they have achieved, Nicole said, explaining that discussions have been “ongoing” regarding the young royals’ situation “since they left the family.” The owner. “

Prince Harry “thrives” in California since the royal exit, “never looked back,” claims Pal

While Harry and his grandmother communicate regularly, they are still working on resolving the “pending” issue of his military titles, which Nicole said she needed to “sort”.

Last year, Harry was stripped of his honorary military titles:

  • Captain General of the Royal Marines
  • Honorary Commander of the Air Force at the Royal Honnington Air Force Base
  • Honorary Dean of the Royal Navy Dive Operations and Small Ships

He served 10 years in Her Majesty’s Armed Forces (British version for the Army), rose to the rank of Captain and had two rounds of service in Afghanistan. Much of his philanthropy has been in support of his military colleagues.

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“With regard to the patronage portfolio and charities, as far as the spouses are concerned, they plan to continue working with these sponsors and charities as was the case during the past year,” the expert said. “So when issues arise, they will be dealt with.”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle now live in Southern California with their son Archie.  (Photo by Toby Melville-Ball / Getty Images)

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle now live in Southern California with their son Archie. (Photo by Toby Melville-Ball / Getty Images)

Nicole feels the two have “taken root in Los Angeles” and that their entertainment endeavors have defined their “financial futures”.

“The suggestion that they will return to the royal family is simply not going to happen,” she told the newspaper.

Their decision to stay away from royal life may be, in part, because “Harry has wanted a way out for so long.”

Prince Harry, Megan Markle shared pictures of their mothers and babies in the website’s relaunch

The Royal Observer said: “Don’t forget this is a backup born prince, he always had to play his brother’s second violin. [Prince William]Pointing out that she thinks “Megan was a catalyst for him into a new life. It really gave him the confidence to say,” Well, there’s another way. “

It was no secret that Harry and Markle “weren’t happy” in United kingdomSo they took a “leap of faith” in a “very exciting adventure,” Nicole said.

Prince Harry (right) has stepped down as a royal.  His father, Prince Charles (left), and brother Prince William (center), will be king in the future.  (Photo by Chris Jackson / Getty Images)

Prince Harry (right) has stepped down as a royal. His father, Prince Charles (left), and brother Prince William (center), will be king in the future. (Photo by Chris Jackson / Getty Images)

“I don’t think there is any regret … They are excited for this year, they are very excited about this chapter of their lives, they love their new life in Los Angeles and they are very happy,” she said.

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Even though they found happiness outside of royal life, they still wanted to see the Harry family in the new year “if coronavirus permits.”

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“[June 2021] It will also celebrate the Duke of Edinburgh’s 100th birthday, which is set to be a very big celebration here in the UK, “Nicole told Entertainment Tonight.” I know Harry, very close to all of his grandparents, doesn’t want to miss an event like this. “

The summer will also host the unveiling of a statue dedicated to Harry’s late mother, Princess Diana, for which the Prince will “definitely” want to be present.

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“So I think the plan is that he will be here, maybe here for an extended summer. But of course, all of these plans are subject to change due to the COVID-19 situation. Nobody knows if they will actually be,” said Nicole.

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