Your horoscope for today, January 25, 2021, here with astrology predictions for all zodiac signs starting Monday.

The sun stays on AquariusCollective humanitarian efforts remain a priority.

Try not to overthink early in the morning, as the last side of the moon in Gemini before changing signs is Mercury.

Mercury is located in AquariusThis can stimulate nerve energy.

Try to focus on what is and pay attention to the emotional side instead.

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Today is deeply immersed in sympathetic energy and the moon moves from Gemini to Cancer horoscope care.

In Cancer, the moon is home and in her dignitySo it’s easy to be gentle, cute, and mum.

It expresses itself naturally, so mood can appear in unusual or difficult situations.

Monday is a good day to cook, do domesticated things, and spend time with familiar people and situations.

If your birthday is today:

If January 25th is your birthdayYou’re an Aquarius.

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