The 2021 NFL Qualifiers kicks off today and Super Bowl 55 Just around the corner! Here are the final results of Wild Card Weekend. Check the file The 2021 NFL match schedule is here. Click to watch the Cleveland Browns match on the Pittsburgh Steelers Nest on peacocks.

Weekend 2021 NFL Super Wild Card Championship Results (Click here to watch each match live)

Saturday 9 January

(7) Indianapolis Colts 24And the (2) Buffalo bills 27

(6) Los Angeles Rams 30And the (3) Seattle Seahawks 20

(5) Tampa Bay The Pirates 31And the (4) The Washington Soccer Team[4)فريقواشنطنلكرةالقدم 23

Sunday 10 January

(5) Baltimore crows In 4) Tennessee Titans, 1:05 PM ET

(7) Chicago Bears in 2) New Orleans Saints4:40 PM ET

(6) Cleveland Browns At 3 o’clock) Pittsburgh Steelers 8:15 PM ET on NBC and Peacock

2021 NFL Qualifiers Bracket

Note: The Kansas City Chiefs and Green Bay Packers will play the lowest Ranking remaining at the end of the weekend at the Wild Card. Read more about how the 2021 NFL Playoffs format works here.

Click Here See the complete 2021 NFL Qualifiers schedule and be sure to check out ProFootballTalk Learn more about the 2021 NFL Qualifiers plus game previews, highlights, news, rumors, and more.

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