fatigued United kingdom The doctor walked out hospital Where he spent New Year’s Eve in therapy Covid-19 The sick and unconvinced crowd of demonstrators chanted “Covid hoax.”

Matthew Lee I feel disgusted but mostly heartbroken. He tweeted with the video Hundreds of protesters were shot outside St Thomas’ Hospital in London.

“I hope people see the amount of COVID-19 and the death in hospitals, the sacrifices that healthcare workers make. This week alone has been very brutal. Their ignorance is hurting others. I really hope people keep their safety.”

The United Kingdom is recording a significant increase in the number of cases of the Coronavirus, as it is a highly contagious form spreading in the population.

Father of British Prime Minister asks for French citizenship: ‘I will always be European’

On New Year’s Eve, Londoners were warned not to celebrate in groups outside, and indoor events were banned which banned mixed groups from different families, The Independent reported.

Lee’s post launched, has been shared and retweeted more than 24,000 times.

TV personality Pierce Morgan was attentive, Tweet it He was “boiling” about my video. “If it’s a hoax, let’s take all these idiots inside the Covid ward without PPE. See how they feel brave when faced with the truth of people suffocated to death.”

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Lee, a Hong Kong native who makes videos of his life in medicine, was stunned by the response. “Thank you all for your support!” He tweeted on New Year’s Day. “Covid doesn’t discriminate and we’re all in this together.”

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