An Australian Pokémon Go player became the world's first player to reach level 50

An Australian Pokémon Go player became the world’s first player to reach level 50

Almost two months have passed since then Pokemon Go The level ceiling raised inside Go further Update. Moving from level 40 to level 50, players have had a hard time reaching this rank since then, which is a classification that has some intertwining with UK authorities. Yesterday it finally happened as not one, however two The players finally achieved this goal.

It was first achieved by Flysking, An Australian player who captured this moment across Twitch But it was a close fight along the way. Australian fellow Lauren Bertone He also reached level 50 after just 16 minutes, which led to a heated competition.

This came when several Go players had reached level 48 but were waiting for a time clause to advance. Unfortunately, they all found their challenges reset upon reaching this level. This led to Niantic Once completed, Lauren’s requirements for Level 49 are set to completion. FleeceKing appears to have benefited in a similar way, giving them a boost in the competition.

They still have to reach all of the level 50 requirements, which is very difficult. This included gaining an additional 30 meters of experience points, achieving 999 excellent throws, reaching # 10 in the Go Battle League, 5 Legendary Hunts from successive Legendary Encounters, and 3 Team Go Rocket Leader wins with Pokémon under 2500CP. Great request, but they finally arrived.

Still playing Pokémon Go? Are you trying to reach level 50? Let us know in the comments.

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