Abdominal muscles are back in town

It’s time to celebrate New Year and with it comes Anji Mito’s birthday on January 1 which of course makes this the perfect time to celebrate a little bit in the Guilty Gear world.

Arc System Works has definitely agreed that they have now released a play show for Anji as it will appear on Guilty Gear Strive with both abs and fans who can hope for these festivities.

Mito debuted 20 years ago with the release of GGX, fighting with his fans from Zessen and traditional Japanese dance moves that seem to be making a full comeback on Strive.

As one of the few remaining Japanese in the world, Angie is considered a wanted man to escape from the colonies in which they were placed and steal the Zeissen, which also happens to be a sacred treasure such as the Sol and Ki swords.

Anji Mito Game Trailer # 1

Anji Mito game trailer # 2 image

Anji Mito # 3 game trailer

Anji Mito # 4 game trailer

Anji Mito # 5 game trailer

Anji Mito game trailer # 6

Anji Mito # 7 game trailer

Anji Mito # 8 game trailer

Anji Mito # 9 game trailer

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Those who have returned to playing Accent Core recently will notice a complete overhaul of Anji’s animation, which is hardly surprising given that this is the first time he’s been fighting in a 3D world.

However, most of his attacks appear to be untouched, given that we see his two regiments even though we only see what appears to be following him at the moment.

One movement noticeably absent at the moment is his Kai moves that provided him with plenty of stress and mixing scenarios, so it would be a shame if they weren’t back on Strive.

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Anji is also clearly keeping the butterfly shell and general beauty because he really wouldn’t be without it along with the Guard Point counter mechanic who has also been seen many times as well.

Guilty Gear Strive is scheduled to launch worldwide on April 9, 2021, on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC, although players can arrive a few days in advance by pre-ordering the Deluxe / Ultimate Edition.

Although there is no provocation / disclosure of the identity of the last member on the Strive list, ArcSys ultimately confirms that the next announcement will be made in February 2021. You can see the new trailer below.

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