Betty White Preparing to celebrate.

Legendary comedian He will turn 99 years old on January 17th And like many during the past several months, she will spend her birthday indoors and with a limited number of people due to the constant spread Corona Virus.

The “Golden girlsThe star recently spoke with Entertainment Tonight and revealed exactly how she will be celebrating her big day.

“You may not ask,” White joked. “But I’ll tell you anyway.” “What do I do on my birthday? My mile-long run every morning has been cut back by COVID, so I’m working on relaunching” The Pet Set, “feeding the two ducks that come to visit me every day.”

Betty White, 98, says she is “blessed with incredibly good health” amid the coronavirus pandemic

The two activities go hand in hand, asPet group“White was the animal series that featured talk of pet care, wildlife conservation, visits from celebrities and a large number of domesticated animals, such as dogs and cats, and wildlife, such as elephants, bears, gorillas and kangaroos Port reports.

Betty White turns 99 this weekend. (Photo by Amanda Edwards / WireImage)

On February 23, the series will be available on DVD and broadcast platforms, which will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the show.

Among the show’s producers was Ellen Louden, White’s late husband.

“The Pet Set is one of my favorite shows,” said the legendary star in a press release obtained by the port. “I’m glad he will appear again after all these years.”

Safe white, in the quarry amid the Corona epidemic: report

While the epidemic keeps White indoors and her age puts it at greater risk of contracting the new virus, White said in March that she He was looking at the bright side.

“God has blessed incredibly good health,” America’s Sweetheart told Closer weekly. “This is something that you appreciate very much.”

Artist and friend Tom Sullivan also told the port that the former “Golden Girls” star and “Mary Tyler Moore Show” was busy while staying safe.

Betty White says she plans to spend her birthday feeding the ducks and preparing for a re-release

Betty White says she plans to spend her birthday feeding the ducks and preparing for the re-release of “The Pet Set”. (TV Kelsey McConnell / Walt Disney via Getty Images)

“I read the LA Times cover,” he shared. “She actually owns thousands of crossword puzzle books and is constantly doing them to keep her sanity fast. That’s really serious with her.”

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A close friend added, “I tried to zoom in on Scrabble with her friends, but it’s totally different.”

Pal also revealed that the COVID-19 crisis has made the star see life in a completely different way.

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“My home message to the world is to slow down and enjoy what you have: family, friends and your pets,” the source said. “She said the epidemic is dangerous, but we’ve gone through worse. It’s Mother Nature’s way of telling us all to slow down.”

Stephanie Nolasco of Fox News contributed to this report

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