One of the surfaces that have been added to It is an electronic game In recent months it has started disappointing many players. So much so, that some began to see it as having a distinct competitive advantage and demanded that it be removed from the game or weakened in some way.

This is the source of contention between It is an electronic game Community centers around the superhero skin that was added earlier in Season 4 and back recently. Skin allows players to create their own designs and color schemes where the problem begins. Some discovered that if they create fully decked leather in black, they can then hide at certain corners of the map without seeing them. Basically, while most of the skins in the game stand out relatively well compared to the background, this superhero costume can be used as camouflage.

Do you guys think black superhero skins need to drop power? from P / FortNiteBR

a lot It is an electronic game Fans on Reddit agree that something about skin needs to change. While some have insulted those who choose to use the skin in this way as a start, others have made simple observations about what they think needs to be done to change it. One user suggested “They should just give it a white outline or something simple like that”. It seems like a small change but it can honestly work.

As of now, Epic Games has not announced that it will take any action to undermine this skin, but modifications are likely to come soon. There have been skins in the past that have been accused by fans of providing a competitive advantage and that Epic will later change them in later corrections. The same thing will likely happen here but it remains to be seen how long it will take for a new fix to arrive.

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until that time , It is an electronic game Season 5 continues to progress, and this week has done some of it Potential add-ons like Bigfoot. If you’d like to keep up with all our future coverage of the game, you can do so by following this page.

So do you think that superhero skin is in It is an electronic game Needs a fix? Let me know in the comments or send me a message on Twitter at Trustworthy If you want to talk more.

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