The Eagles were eliminated from the play-offs last week and because of that it would be better for them to serve in the long term if they lost to Washington on Sunday.

As week 17 approaches, Eagles hold Pick # 6 in the draft. They can end up with a choice of number 3 or as low as number 10. That’s a big difference.

Of course, this does not mean that the Eagles will not try to win. There is pride. That was the view of Jim Schwartz on Tuesday.

“We should have a no-hat rule this week,” Schwartz said. “We cannot allow opponents to wear hats on the Winning Team at Link. There is a lot of pride in that and all of our focus should be on achieving that this week.”

If Washington beat the Eagles on Sunday Night Football, it would win the NFC East title. This is something that will probably not interest most Eagles fans.

While the Eagles would definitely be better off losing on Sunday Night Football, that doesn’t mean players on the field will try to lose. Think back to Jason Kelsey wonderful comments About tanks in the NFL a few weeks ago.

Sure, the Eagles can play young players and protect some veteran business assets but when they get to the field on Sunday, they still have a chance to beat Washington.

And in the end, it’s not that great.

The Eagles opened as the top one point, according to PointsBet, but that line has since moved, and as of Tuesday morning, the Eagles are two non-nominated points. Either way, this isn’t a Slam Dunk loss.

READ  대한 올림픽 체육위원회는 홈 운동 영상 시리즈를 만들고있다

Schwartz on Tuesday, citing the focus on the upcoming match, refused to answer any big questions about his defense in 2020. He said these are post-season questions. When he was told he hadn’t spoken to reporters after the season since he was here, Schwartz agreed but made a mockery of it.

He said, “These are post-season questions and it is not helpful to us to start talking about that now.” “We have an opponent coming in the division and he is trying to win an extra place in our stadium. We should have all our attention in this game. I have a lot of respect for the players who will play on the field, some of them will play for the first time. I have a lot of respect for the game to talk about anything other than this.” The game. I apologize for that but this is where our focus is. “

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