Kelly Clarkson Probably Large-scale successful recording artistBut that doesn’t mean it has always been easy.

During her Thursday episode Popular daytime TV talk showThe 38-year-old opened up about entering the spotlight byAmerican IdolIn 2002 when she was crowned the heroine of the show in a conversation with the actress Jennifer Love Hewitt.

The singer remembered meeting Hewitt, 41, when Clarkson was coming to the scene for the first time with a few of her fellow contestants.

“You might not remember this, but he’s been stuck with me for a long time, like nearly 20 years now … he’s been in some kind of MTV or VMA Awards [Awards]I don’t know what it was, but you ran towards me and the time was right [we were down to] Clarkson said: The last three from the movie Idol. We were under fire and everything was happening in a whirlwind.

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The “Since UThen the singer revealed that “people were correct for us because we were one of the talent shows and this was the first season.”

She repeated that “everyone was so rude” including the people on the red carpet and at the show itself.

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It was a terrible experience, Clarkson admitted, but interacting with Hewitt helped ease the pain.

The star recalls, “You came to me and ran towards me out of nowhere and said, ‘Oh my God, I’m really rooting for you.’” She told me, ‘Please keep your loved ones very close and you’ll end up around a few people in your life, unfortunately. , But this work can be really hard and just remember to keep those people who really love you. “

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The Emmy Award winning The host remembers the advice for being “really nice at such a time that’s not nice for me personally.”

Kelly Clarkson revealed that when she was a rising singer, people were “really mean” to her and her fellow American Idol. (Photo by Amy Sussman / BBMA2020 / Getty Images for DCP)

“This means the world to me,” she gushed. “I was very nice and looking forward to interviewing you.”

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Since her “Idol” days, Clarkson has sold 25 million albums and 45 million singles worldwide. TV Guide And he had 29 hit songs Billboard Hot 100 In just 19 years. Three titles reached first place. It also won three Grammy Awards and 15 Nominations.

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Like Clarkson, Hewitt made her start in the entertainment world early on and rose to fame after appearing on a few high-profile TV shows, including “Party of Five.”

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