CLEVELAND, Ohio – Defensive end for Browns, Miles Jarrett fired his shot into the biggest match of his life, predicting that he would play a major team playoff match against Super Bowl MVP champion Patrick Mahoms.

On Friday he said, “Sure.” This should be the game to do it. One of the best teams in the league, if not the best team in the league, but they have to go there and they have to prove it, and we have to prove that we can fight with anyone. “

Garrett, who finished sixth in the NFL with 12 bags, has not had a monster game since returning from a two-game absence with COVID-19. In his six matches again, he managed only 2.5 bags and didn’t fumble for any forcing. He has been sacked in both of the past two matches, and has made no mistake in his last eight matches after being forced to four in his first seven matches.

He got stronger every week, but he has undergone weekly breathing treatments since his return, admitting to a coughing fit in the locker room after the Giants match. Last week in Pittsburgh, he participated in 74 defensive shots – 82% of the total. With Olivier Vernon exiting the season with a torn Achilles tendon, the Steelers doubled Garrett in nearly every match.

He said, “I was really tired after the last game, knowing that they threw the ball more than 60 times and I was cooperating with the majority of those.” “It will definitely affect you during the game as you have to fight against several people. You just have to know your time will come. I’ve come close a few times, but like I said before, I’m well deserved.”

He may actually be well timed, despite Mahomes’ sporty antics. Ten of Mahomes’ 22 sacks this season came in their last five matches, including three in Week 14 by the Dolphins and four in Week 15 by the Saints. Mahomes won both matches, but also threw three interceptions against the Dolphins – after throwing just two in his previous 12 matches.

In addition, Mahomes has defaulted four times in the last five matches and lost two, having defaulted only once in his previous ten matches. He has also thrown four of his six interceptions in his last three matches, which means he was headed in the wrong direction before knocking out the season final and then bidding farewell last week as the number one seed. By the time he plays, 21 days will have passed since he last played.

But still, former NFL MVP player Patrick Mahoms, NFL Super Bowl MVP, and NFL ranked No. 3 QB with a 108.2 rating, arguably the best midfield player in the NFL.

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Garrett said, “He kind of considers the face of the league now.” He goes right there with (Rams DT) Aaron Donald as the two faces people consider the best in attack and defense. I want him to be able to go home when he has his or his kids and tell them he’s gone against Miles Jarrett. It’s not just me against him – he’s Brown against the bosses – but individually, I would like to make an impression on everyone I oppose. “

Known as Mahomes since they were both stars in Texas, Garrett knows the sporting spirit he’s faced with.

“The guy is cool with his feet and he’s great at running,” said Garrett. “He can play plays in any part of the field so we have to be prepared for that. Don’t jump for that fake ball. If you hit him, keep it clean and try to take the ball away from him. The best place to be on the field with Patrick is to have the ball in our hands. Instead of it because it’s cool. “

The admiration is mutual.

“ I’ve known Miles for a long time, as I was in high school and he trusted me he was the same size in high school as he is now, so I’m glad I didn’t play him at that time, but he’s a formidable player, ” Mahomes said at his press conference on Wednesday: “ He plays hard Very much and he has a lot of talent. ” “ They have a talent for the whole defense, so for us it is about executing at a high level, getting the ball out of my hands kind of like I said and letting the players play the ball and we have to do our best if we want to win a soccer match in end of the day “.

Garrett, who sacked Mahoms once in Chiefs’ 37-21 win over Brown in 2018, will be up for exceptionally deep QB shootings and hand-outs from every arm angle to the likes of Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce.

“He’s bluffing because of his deep withdrawal,” said Garrett. “He did it because he has an arm to compensate for, but he also drops back that far and then climbs another 2 or 3 yards so that you bend pretty much at a hook angle to get back at him. You really have to anticipate what he’s going to do.

“You can’t always think he’s going to turn back because he’s either going shallow or going forward, so you have to be prepared to push back or push one of the other three players or two on the line. He has his own style, and I think we’re ready.”

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Mahomes, who has thrown 38 touchdowns against only six interceptions en route to No.14-1 this season, is so good that no one is giving Brown so many chances. President Sammy Watkins, who was excluded from this match due to a calf injury, tweeted “I’m not going that far” about the Browns ‘competition, and Steelers’ recipient Chase Claypole said on Monday that Brown would “applaud.”

“You have to prove what you deserve day in and day out,” said Garrett. “No team or person has been treated individually or given great respect until they prove it every time they attend. We just have to log in and show what we deserve every time we are asked to do so. Every time those lights are lit when we are on the field, We have to show we’re a great team. Here’s another chance to show it. “

It wasn’t Brown’s jump until a 28-0 lead in the first quarter over the Steelers last week and then their 48-37 defeat on national television was enough to convince most people that Brown could upset the leaders.

“This is just one game,” he said. “It takes more than one outing. We have to keep proving it, not just to them, but to ourselves. We have to make it a routine, like the Patriots. Guys assumed they were winning every time they looked at the table. We got to have the same kind.” From the mentality here. “

The important thing, of course, is that they believe in themselves.

He said, “We are here, we might be awesome too.” “Nobody is excited just to get a dance ticket. Like I said, you want to dance with the pretty girl. You want to shoot, the worst you can say is No. As long as you get out there and take your best, you’ll be proud of the result, but we’re not satisfied until we see.” The extent to which we can achieve. “

As Brown marched toward the finish 11-5, their confidence grew more and more so that they now believe they can win the Super Bowl title.

He said, “I don’t think you will step into the field unless you believe in yourself.” “You cannot question yourself, your abilities, and your teammates, especially in the qualifiers. These guys believe in themselves because they have proven time and time again that they deserve to be here. As long as you’re here, you can go as far as you want as long as you put in the work and get ready.”

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As good as the Mahomes, Garrett expects Baker Mayfield to do Baker’s things. Be the gunslinger as he was. He will give those plays for his feet and will do his best. Now, it’s hot. Obviously, it must be something to carry on. “

Garrett also knows how important this game is to the Karim Hunt, who missed last year’s Super Bowl match with The Chiefs.

“He wants to go back to the field and the team that made it,” he said. “He wants to play a great game, but he wants to win. I think any of us want to do that. We will try our best to win the game, not just for him, but for us and for the city.”

“This is for everyone involved, not just one person. He’s definitely in our hearts and on our minds, but I know he’s going to focus on the mission he’s doing. He won’t do anything out of the ordinary. He’ll play his game, we’ll play together and we’ll play healthy soccer so we can get the job done.” And at the end of the day, we can all do what we want. “

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