Miles Wood knows he may have cost his team the season opener Thursday night.

The New Jersey Devils striker, who is as sexy to watch as he is erratic (and sometimes head-turning), didn’t have a two-kick hit Boston Bruins goalkeeper Toca Rusk.

Both times he was in the penalty area to run the goalkeeper, Bruins scored.

The first collision came at 17:02 in the opening period, and 38 seconds into the man advantage, Brad Marchand put the Bruins team 1-0.

Then, at 11:13 a.m. in the third period, Wood Rusk ran again. With a few seconds left on the force, Nick Richie put Bruins Forward 2-1.

Had he stayed outside the box, we might be talking about a different result 3-2 win over Bruins He knocked out after the decider for Marchand in a penalty shootout.

Wood said after the match, “These calls were so selfish, I’m going to blame me, and that shouldn’t happen.”

The interesting crease this season is the number of Baseball Series teams you will play in the regular season. So, the Devil Brothers and Brotherhood will meet again on Saturday afternoon. The level of punishment that Bruins seeks is still unknown.

Thumbnail via Ed Mulholland / USA TODAY Sports Images

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