A new mother in the UK is getting damages of up to $ 12,000 – for not being invited to have Christmas drinks while she was on maternity leave, according to UK reports.

Catriona Howe won a labor court case against her employer, Croydon Holloways of Ludlow’s kitchen design firm, for “emotional injury” due to a minor plea, The Times of London said.

Company manager Sarah Nelson told the hearing that the company did not hold a proper birthday party in 2018 because it was struggling financially, and instead put $ 275 behind the bar at a local bar.

The British newspaper said, after accepting not to invite Howie, he insisted it was only because “it was not a proper party and it was not a normal year”.

Judge Corina Ferguson accepted that “there was no intentional decision” to disqualify Howie – but ruled that the reason she was not invited “is because no one thinks about her.”

“If she had been at work around this time, she would definitely have been invited. She was ignored because she was on maternity leave,” the judge told the court in South London.

The company was also ruled to discriminate against Howie by hiding her financial struggles, as she had no idea it would become redundant shortly after her return from vacation.

The judge said that compensation of up to $ 12,000 would be “potential” compensation for “hurt feelings.” It also ordered the company to be compensated for $ 1,400 in unpaid wages and vacation pay.

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Howe also sought compensation for a colleague who made fun of her for naming her baby Presley after Elvis Presley, but that claim was dismissed, according to the report.

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