Salma Hayek Focuses on the positives even though 2020 was for everyone.

The 54-year-old actress She shared a pair of photos on her Instagram on Tuesday as she appeared in high spirits while on a tropical vacation.

The “Like a Boss” star showed off her impressive personality while wearing shoes Purple bikini on the beach. She wore a purple and white beach cap, a pair of sunglasses and a brown hat.

“The last days of 2020,” Hayek commented on the photos.

Salma Hayek presents without makeup and appears in gray: “Wisdom’s White Hair”

She also shared what she was thankful for as the year drew to a close.

Hayek wrote: “I have never been more grateful for being so healthy and in touch with nature.”

Fans just couldn’t get enough of Hayek’s age-defying look in the comments section.

“Are you old before?” A fan asked.

Another said, “This is crazy.”

Another complimented the actress “she still looks so young.”

Salma Hayek shares her photos a week after celebrating her 54th birthday

It is unclear if the photo was posted in real time and where she is vacationing. Although a day ago, Hayek shared a picture from Christmas with her mother-in-law.

Salma Hayek thought about what she is grateful for on Tuesday, just days before the new year.
(Getty Images)

“Dinner is in my mother-in-law, it’s always a great experience!” She captioned the post, which shows her carrying some kind of reward.

Hayek turned 54 in September, and to celebrate her festive day, she shared on Instagram that she is “very grateful and proud of each of my 54 years”.

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Back in April, I spoke to People The magazine “The Beautiful Issue” of the director and her participation Free of makeup Pictures of her with fellow actresses Rita WilsonAnd the Ghouinith baltrow And the Sarah Paulson. As for the issue, Hayek thought about her looks over her decades in the limelight and admitted that she was feeling insecure about her image.

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“When I look at pictures of me in my 30s or 40s, I see myself as more beautiful than I saw myself at the time,” she said. “I used to criticize myself a lot. Now when I look in the mirror and there are things that I don’t see, I think how much I have liked me in 10 years.”

Hayek revealed to the publication that her history with beauty products and use stretches back to her early teens, when she was sneaking behind her parents’ backs to put on makeup.

“I started wearing makeup at the age of 14, but I tried to pretend I didn’t wear it because I wasn’t allowed to,” the Savages actress explained. “I would brush my mascara brush and run it very lightly over my lashes. I would apply some lipstick and then apply it to my cheek and apply it to my cheek. Always make sure there is no shine in it.”

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The “Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard” star said she still loves to use her face powder powder from time to time, but is increasingly enjoying the moments when she can go her day without makeup.

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“Usually, when I don’t [wear makeup]It’s because you’re in a situation where you don’t feel pressured to look your best, she said. There is a feeling of just being there without needing to impress anyone.

Julius Young of Fox News contributed to this report.

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