Giants Co-owner John Mara Confirmed that Dave Gitelman Will be back As General Manager 2021 for his fourth season: “He will return.”

The biggest reason: Gettleman’s positive collaboration with the Giants coach Judge Joe, Who has just completed his first season on the job.

Mara said, “I think the way Dave and Joe worked together and I thought the employee decisions were really sound this year.” Wednesday. “I feel better about our list. The two have worked together on building something that can deliver sustainable success. I didn’t think making a change at this time would be helpful.”

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Mara said he hadn’t really considered getting Gettleman fired even though the giants finished with a record 6-10 and missed the playoffs for the eighth time in nine seasons. He admitted that he “didn’t feel satisfied” when the Giants started 1-7, but once the team had a four-game winning streak, it felt like things were heading in the right direction.

“There is no defense of the record,” Mara said. “We haven’t won enough matches. We made some miscalculations in 2018 with our personnel decisions. But in the past two years we have seen a huge improvement. To break that now and bring someone from outside is not going to help.”

Later, Mara again reiterated that the giants “have not won enough matches but I think we’ve made enough progress to ensure the path continues with the people we have in the building.”

Gettleman accumulated a record 15-33 in his three seasons as General Manager of the Giants. The Giants competed for the NFC East title this year until the end of the season, and were knocked out when Washington beat the Eagles in Week 17. Although the Giants only had a 6–10 record, they started year 1-7 and had one of their worst crimes In the NFL.

The Giants averaged 17.5 points per game. Just Planes Less score.

Mara acknowledged that crime “has to be better” and that fixing it will be the focus of the Free Agency and the NFL project. He attributed foul struggles, at least in part, to short season, pre-season shortages and an offensive streak with several new rookies.

After several tough seasons to start his tenure, Gettleman appeared to be correcting ship in his third year. His signings with his free agent – corner player James Bradbury, full back Blake Martinez, and safety Logan Ryan – all paid off, and the Giants received contributions from the majority of the 10-person draft class students. Additionally, Leonard Williams – controversially traded by Gettleman in 2019 – finished with 11.5 bags in a dominant season.

All of this appears to have been enough to offset the mistakes Gettleman made in 2018 and 2019, hitting free agents with big money like Nate Solder and Golden Tate, and making ill-advised moves like trading for Alec Ogletree and trading until the corner draft of DeAndre Baker in 2019. Still no Of the players in the organization.

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