Want to see a new trailer for Superman and Lewis? Why is it the season premiere Sparkle Lateness? What Avengers: Endgame Made the scene Chris Evans Passionate when he saw her with a crowd? What is the Marvel behind the mask A documentary on Disney +? What will happen to WandaVision With their entry into more recent comedies? All of that and more in this edition of Superhero bit.

The Big Bang theoryAnd a star Mayim Bialik new Flash facts Book with essential STEM lessons for kids.

Marvel Comics has teased a new release of The birth of heroes1996-1997 crossover event, soon.


Join it Batuman Co-star Camrus Johnson In this interview, which was released in conjunction with the second season.

Marvel Studios Uses secret production company names to hide projects, and A new one appeared.

Marvel behind the mask emblem

Marvel Behind the mask It is a new upcoming documentary feature Disney + starting from February 12.

Sparkle Seventh season premiere It was pushed back To allow for two hours Superman and Lewis the first show.


Talking about Superman and LewisHere’s the first full trailer for the series, coming to The CW February 23.

There is a rumor going around about that Batman: The Animated Series It may have a sequel project In the works.

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