Englewood, Colorado. John Elway and Denver Broncos wanted George Patton to be the new general manager of the team a lot, and Patton got a longer deal than Elway got the same job.

Patton, who has spent the past 13 years with the Minnesota Vikings, has agreed to a six-year deal to be the general manager of Broncos, sources told ESPN’s Adam Schefter. The Broncos announced Patton’s appointment on Wednesday, but did not disclose the terms.

Patton spent most of the Tuesday in Denver getting a second interview with team officials, and returned to Minnesota on Tuesday night.

Elway promised to find a “best candidate, best person” for the job. The Bronx team also interviewed Terry Fontenott, Assistant General Manager of the New Orleans Scents, Team Leader Chicago Bears, Champ Kelly, and Dave Ziegler at the New England Patriots, and Director of Scouts at the College Brian Stark.

“Early in the process it became clear why George was such a coveted candidate for GM for many years,” Elway said in a statement. “He is a proven evaluator who knows every detail of the groundbreaking football operations.” “ With experience in all aspects of the job – college and professional side, maximum salary, professions, working with the lead trainer and bringing employees together – George is ready to succeed in this role. George has waited and worked for the right opportunity, which shows that he is smart and serious about winning. We are delighted to have appointed George Patton as Managing Director of the Denver Broncos. “

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Patton and Fontenot, who hypothetically interviewed him because the Saints were still in the qualifiers, were interviewed a second time on Tuesday.

Elway, who has been Broncos’ number one soccer decision maker since 2011, announced on January 4 that he would be ditching daily personal operations but would remain as head of football operations for at least the final year of his current job. a necklace.

Elway also said that he doesn’t believe the team’s current battle royal between Pat Bowlen’s kids will affect Broncos’ ability to secure what he believes is a prime candidate. Patton’s six-year deal is likely to bridge any potential change in team ownership in the coming years.

Patton controls team roster, free agency, and draft. The Broncos have missed the playoffs for five consecutive seasons since winning Super Bowl 50 and finished last season 5–11.

The team faces contract choice decisions on full-back von Miller W. Karim Jackson, And the Pro Bowl safety Justin Simons He will be among the team’s unrestricted free agents. The decision on the plan in the quarterback is also among the Bronco team’s key issues.

The team has one of the smallest rosters in the league and enough salary space to participate in the open market. In recent days, Elway, team leader and CEO Joe Ellis promised that the new general manager would have the “resources” to make improvements.

“In many ways, I feel this team is a sleeping giant. For me it is the right place and the right time for this opportunity,” Patton said in a statement. “ … while it’s hard to let go of the Vikings, the relationships I have enjoyed in Minnesota are for life.

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Patton added: “… crafting and developing players is priority # 1. We will be aggressive – but not reckless – in adding talent to our roster.”

Patton has been particularly eclectic with general manager openings over the years. Last year, after Kevin Stefansky’s departure to Cleveland, Patton was a finalist for the position of General Manager for the Cleveland Browns but withdrew his name from the competition on January 24, 2020, two days after his visit for an interview.

Patton was also sought out for openings with Detroit – at this course and prior to that, when the Detroit Lions hired former General Manager Bob Quinn – Green Bay, San Francisco, Los Angeles Rams and the New York Jets.

Patton is widely regarded as one of the best talent assessors on the crew of Vikings, and his exit leaves Minnesota in a big front office void. Ryan Munnens, the current director of professional scouts, could be in line to replace Patton this out of season.

ESPN’s Courtney Cronin contributed to this report.

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