The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S both use a lot more electricity than their predecessors when playing games designed for the new consoles, according to Report of the Natural Resources Defense CouncilEnvironmental Advocacy Group. However, NRDC found that the new consoles consume less power than previous generation systems when playing backward compatible games and while using video streaming applications.

NRDC analysis – he is Also in 2013 Upon launch of Xbox One and PlayStation 4 – Praises for the low-power modes offered by both new consoles from Sony and Microsoft. Energy saving modes allow users to resume full operation within 10 to 15 seconds while drawing less than 1 watt of electricity in standby mode. However, the Natural Resources Defense Council criticized Microsoft and Sony for choosing not to make this the default energy setting – the same fees the organization charged for the PS4 and Xbox One.

NRDC said Xboxes’ new “Instant-on” mode still consumes 10 watts in standby mode. The report extrapolated this additional use to 2025 and calculated that it could total 4 billion additional kilowatt hours of energy – the equivalent of annual electricity generation for a large coal-fired power plant.

The NRDC analysis used the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S, which has less processing power than the Xbox Series X, and has no optical drive. The group said it was unable to get the Series X for full testing, but it expects the larger console to use more power than the Series S. Microsoft has not provided official power consumption figures for any console; Sony hardware specifications included Let’s say the standard PS5 is rated with a power draw of 350 watts, while the PS5 digital version is slightly lower at 340 watts.

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Sony’s new console won plaudits from NRDC for its standby mode, which consumed 1 watt or less and allowed to boot up in 10 to 15 seconds. It consumed “a few extra watts” of power during the first three hours of standby to charge the devices with their respective USB ports. But the PS5’s DualSense Rechargeable Controller was an environmental favorite for NRDC over the new Xbox gamepad, which comes with disposable batteries. (Rechargeable power supply for controller sold separately.)

The console shuts down in the PS5’s standard power settings after one hour of inactivity for games, and after four hours for streaming content (both settings can be changed by users). This means the PlayStation 5 continues to attract about 70 watts of power if the user leaves it after, say, watching some Netflix.

However, the power consumption while using streaming apps, for both the PS5 and Xbox Series S, is lower than their predecessors – although the NRDC said dedicated broadcasters use less power for the same task. The PS4, according to a 2013 NRDC analysis, used 90 watts while streaming Netflix to the Xbox One at 74 watts. The S Series consumed 31 watts for Netflix streaming (inexplicably 41 watts for Amazon Video), while the PS5 consumed 68-70 watts for streaming from both services.

Overall, though, the expected draw of 160-200 watts for playing PS5 games, or games optimized for Xbox Series X, is more power than a 60-inch TV consumes.

In 2013, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) warned that the PS4 and Xbox One could be responsible for three times more power consumption than the previous generation PS3 and Xbox 360. In 2015, the organization said the Xbox One could be responsible For up to $ 250 million in additional annual electricity costs for American homes. The latest NRDC analysis warns that Xbox Series S or Series X owners in the US could pay up to $ 1 billion, combined, over the next five years, for the extra power these consoles use in Click-to-Run mode for Energy saving mode.

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In 2015, after the Natural Resources Defense Council Harshly criticized Microsoft has added Xbox One launch power usage Energy saving mode As an option when new Xbox One users set up their consoles for the first time. At the time, Microsoft said the difference in power consumption between the two modes would save customers between $ 6 and $ 15 on their annual electricity bill. And the company It released a software update in late November that Reportedly reduced power consumption in Instant On mode by up to 61%. For Xbox Series X.

Polygon has contacted Microsoft and Sony representatives for additional comments.

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