Today I learned that your Apple Watch can double as a vlog viewfinder

Today I learned that your Apple Watch can double as a vlog viewfinder

The ability of Apple Watch to act as a camera remote control for your phone She got a mention in her main advertisementSo it’s been a long time since, but I only used it once or twice for group photoshoot. Twitter user PeterScirettaHowever, he has indicated that you can also use it as a vlogging aid.

Doing so is simple: from your watch, go to the Camera Remote app. This will open the Camera app on your iPhone, and you can switch it to video mode, set it up, and record it. You don’t even have to link your watch to your phone like it does in a tweet; The remote camera will function completely when your watch is on your wrist.

I’ve shot videos on my phone before and that was often an exercise in frustration trying to get the frame right. There was a lot of running back and forth, recording short clips to ensure correct focus and framing. I could definitely have saved myself the trouble if I had remembered that my watch could do this, although I think I would have taken fewer steps.

Android users also don’t need to feel left out, like Wear OS devices It can also act as a viewfinder When connected to Pixel phones. The Apple Watch trick will also work with the popular video camera app FiLMiC Pro, as Jeff mentioned in his tweet. This way you can get All the benefits offered by the third-party appPlus, watch it remotely on your watch.

Of course, if you are planning to create a new vlogging setup, this probably isn’t the best way to go, especially if you don’t already have an Apple Watch. For less than a price The least expensive Apple Watch (Series 3)Alternatively, you can get Apple Lightning to HDMI Adapter (Which will also allow you to turn on your phone so that you don’t run out of battery), and Small camera screen. Or, you can just place your phone in front of a mirror. But if you already have an Apple Watch, and you want to photograph yourself with your iPhone, this tip might make that easier.

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