With Adam Gas fired, the New York Jets now need to turn to other candidates for coaches. He will be hand-picked by General Manager Joe Douglas, with plenty of famous names to choose from.

How did Sam Darnold factor in the decision?

Douglas is prof A loyal believer in QB Sam DarnoldAnd the So expect him to base his research on training on candidates who share the same belief. There are a lot of believers in Sam Darnold’s talent around the league so there has to be a lot of attention from the coaches.

New York Jets coach nominees

These are the best candidates for the Jets head coach position.

Brian Dabol, Buffalo Bills attack coordinator

Brian Dable It has emerged as the hottest name in the NFL. Given his success with the Bills Project and his work as developing QB Josh Allen, it’s easy to see why. Bills has one of the best fouls in the league and is looking to go further in the NFL 2021 Qualifiers. Daboll transformed Josh Allen from a raw but talented midfielder into a potential NFL MVP player.

Daboll’s creativity and development for Allen in Buffalo makes him stand out among the main candidates in the Jets. Bills’ crime is currently ranked second for passing offense, seventh in total foul, and sixth for scoring in every match. Bills are ranked fifth in Offensive DVOA and 3rd in Passing DVOA.

At just 45 years old, Daboll has already won the Super Bowls in New England and the NCAA Championships with Alabama. Additionally, Daboll previously worked with New York Jets under the crew of Eric Mangini. Catching a Daboll from an AFC East competitor would be a great tone for Joe Douglas. Daboll will be one of the first names to appear in the Jets coach’s candidate race.

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Don “wink” Martindale, defense coordinator for the Baltimore Ravens

For more than a month through Insiders Project Podcast And in his weekly question-and-answer article, Baltimore Ravens coordinator Tony Bolin mentioned Don Martindale as a sleeper candidate getting big talk for a major coaching job heading out of season. According to Pauline, players love Martindale.

NFL Network Insider’s Ian Rapoport recently tweeted that if Adam Gas was eventually fired, Martindale would be a candidate to take his place. Pauline added during the podcast that an insider in the league told him, “If the planes hire the Martindale, they’ll finally do something right.”

Many consider Martindale a brilliant defensive mind. Despite the Ravens’ injuries, they were still playing great defensive football. He’s a creative play designer, learning from brothers Ryan and Dean Pace. Several coaches and players described his defense as unpredictable.

As Ravens Defense Coordinator, Don Martindale has coached Ravens’ defense to 4th (2018), 5th (2019), and eighth (currently 2020) in DVOA Defense.

After being burned at an “attacking teacher”, Joe Douglas can opt for a more stable presence on the other side of the ball. Douglas and Martindale crossed the lanes while Douglas was with the crows. Martindale appears to be the leading candidate for coaching the Gates.

Matt Campbell, Iowa state coach

Matt Campbell has appeared on the NFL radar several times, but his connection to the NFL has been stronger with the jets. With Adam Gase now launched, Campbell continues to bond with the team. With Iowa just completing its best season in the show’s history, Campbell’s star has never been more bright. What he did on a historically bad show caught the NFL’s attention to Ames.

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Group program creators have become more and more popular in recent years (see Matt Rhule et al Urban Mayer Rumors). Matt Campbell is only 41 years old and has instilled a culture of winning hurricanes. The The planes have reached Matt Campbell Before they rent Adam Gas. Armed with the second pick in the 2021 NFL draft and the money to be spent, will he fight Matt Campbell this time?

Campbell considers a risky employment, considering he never worked for the NFL, but he had been a wildly popular candidate for years. Campbell would work fine as a CEO-type coach, but he would have to appoint coordinators. It’s a name to keep in mind when looking at candidates to coach Gates’ bosses.

Other candidates who may find themselves in New York

Arthur Smith, Coordinator of the Tennessee Titans’ Attack
Joe Brady, Carolina Panthers attack coordinator
Matt Eberflus, Indianapolis Colts Defense Coordinator
Eric Binemi, Kansas City Chiefs’ Attack Coordinator
Brian Schottenheimer, Seattle Seahawks attack coordinator

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