Sephiroth uses a Shadow Flare attack on Squirtle (Image: Nintendo / Nintendo Live)

It appears that a new bug has been detected on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate He is linked to the latest DLC Sephiroth fighter.

Under the right conditions, from a one-winged angel Final Fantasy VII It can break Final Smash for another character (and animations for every single move, for that matter) – dramatically reducing the damage of a typically devastating attack and changing visual effects from time to time.

To activate this unique flaw, Sephiroth must defeat one of the Pokemon Trainer pocket monsters with the Shadow Flare attack. After that, Final Smash attacks will deal the opponent very little.

Below is a look, courtesy of the YouTube video from Nintendo console:

“Let’s see how a new bug can cause Sephiroth to crash every Final Smash in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.”

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