Vaccinations to prevent the spread Covid-19 It is managed at several other locations in New Jersey on Thursday, the first day More than 4 million additional people qualify To receive shots.

Currently, there are 128 vaccination sites listed on the state’s website as health officials are moving forward with a plan to vaccinate 70% of the adult population.

The shots were initially fired at Health care workersLong-term care residents, and others in the congregation living quarters, Police and firefighters.

But Murphy announced that Wednesday Anyone aged 65 or over and those between 16 and 64 years old with certain medical conditions Dates for vaccinations can be scheduled starting today.

This includes 1.47 million people aged 65 and over, 2 million smokers and up to 1 million others with chronic health conditions. (Smokers are considered to be in a high-risk state of health).

Legislators too Pressure on teachers to be vaccinated, With reference to other states such as New York, which have prioritized teachers in shots.

In the next six months, New Jersey plans to vaccinate about 4.7 million people. the public You should be able to receive your vaccinations by April or May, According to state and federal officials.

Officials said there will be six mega distribution sites across New Jersey. Murphy said more are coming with as many as 259 sites planned.

State officials asked people Register to receive the vaccine Online, but confirmation is not required to schedule an appointment once you are eligible.

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Here it is The most recent list of vaccine sites listed by the country, Although dose availability may affect appointment times. Supplies may also fluctuate daily as the federal government sends more vaccines to the states.

As of Thursday, at least 277,118 doses have been administered across the state out of 654,900 doses distributed to New Jersey, according to State dashboard And the Track CDC. By state, he received 245,785 first doses, and 31,239 received a second dose.

Officials said that more than 1.2 million people have registered on the country’s online portal to receive the vaccine.

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