Microsoft closes the Minecraft world Mobile game in June, due to the ongoing epidemic. The ambitious game was aimed at competition Pokemon Go Cover the world in virtual blocks for players to meet and play together.

Minecraft world It’s designed around freedom of movement and cooperative play – two things that are nearly impossible in the current global setting, Says Maine Craft the team. As a result, we have made the difficult decision to reallocate our resources to other areas that provide value to us Maine Craft Community and end support for Minecraft world In June 2021.

The final version of the game is released today, which reduces the amount of time it takes to manufacture in the game and the cost of some materials. It’s designed to allow players to easily and safely build and build at home in the coming months before the game is disabled on June 30th.

Players will no longer be able to download or play Minecraft world After June 30th, Microsoft will delete operator data on July 1st.

Minecraft world Aim to cover the world in virtual blocks.
Photo: Microsoft

Microsoft revealed for the first time Minecraft world In May 2019. The idea was to recreate the gameplay Maine Craft In the real world through augmented reality and allowing players to construct virtual buildings from materials. The game focused on social interactions with others, and was part of a larger effort across Microsoft to leverage the help of cloud server teams HoloLens and Azure. Before the game was released, Apple even invited Microsoft to the stage At the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) to prove the new title.

Players will now not be able to purchase items in Minecraft world, And any Paid Ruby Credits will be converted into Minecoins that you can use to buy Skins, Maps, and Mini Games at Maine Craft the shop.

“We are forever grateful for the amazing talent in the Minecraft community,” says the Minecraft team. “It wasn’t an easy decision, and we’re doing our best to make sure you get the most out of it Minecraft world before sunset “.

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