SpaceX delays launch of 143 satellites on one missile

SpaceX delays launch of 143 satellites on one missile

SpaceX Attempt to launch a record number of 143 satellites on one Falcon 9 rocket Sabbath stopped due to poor people Weather conditions.

“Due to unfavorable weather conditions, we stop launching today.” Elon Musk The company said in a tweet.

NASA’s test of the “ most powerful rocket in the world ” has components malfunctioning

SpaceX writes: “Another launch attempt is available tomorrow, Jan.24 with a 22-minute window that opens at 10:00 AM EST.”

According to Ars Technica, The weather “violated the electric field rule for a safe release.”

SpaceX was to be launched from Florida Cape Canaveral Space Station on Saturday morning at around 9:40 AM ET.

The launch will be the fifth flight of the Falcon 9 spacecraft in SpaceX’s first phase, but the team’s first mission from the Flight Sharing program, carrying 10 Starlink internet satellites and 133 other small satellites.

In its rideshare software, SpaceX allows small satellite operators to reserve a fraction of the payload when the Falcon 9 launches.

Andy Tran, SpaceX’s production supervisor, said the mission will break the record for most satellites deployed from a single rocket.

I mentioned the technology crisis On Saturday the previous record was from the Indian Space Research Organization’s C37 polar satellite launch vehicle Launching in February 2017.

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SpaceX has had success over the past year, including launching the company flawlessly First crew launch ever To the International Space Station

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